Taurus Cutting Communication?!

Question: Taurus Cutting Communication!?
I have a Taurus friend who's cut complete communication with me!. How do I get her to talk to me again!? I've asked her if she wants to go out to dinner with me and talk!.!.!. she hasn't texted me back!. Help!?

How else could I apologize to her!?Www@Enter-QA@Com

Hi Mudpie!.
As you may already know, Taurus is famous in its tendency to be tenacious (re: "stubborn"!.) You've gotten a good start by sending cookies; Taureans tend to be real foodies!.
Fortunately, Taurus is also soft-hearted and sentimental!. If she really misses you---and she probably does---she will get back to you!. But she has to think it's HER idea!!.!.!.so just give her some time!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

the way to get her to talk to you again is to leave her alone!. stop texting her!. stop sending her stuff!. although taurans are usually fond of gifts and affections, in this situation they're just making her dig her "heels further into the mud!." she may feel as though your sentiments are fake and an underhanded "rush" to get her recommunicating with you!. again, leave her alone!.

she will come around again when SHE wants to!. she'll do things on HER time, NOT yours!. also, it depends on what you did to her to make her want to cut all ties and communication with you!. from the way it sounds, you must have done something extreme because tauruses don't usually take it "that" far!.

but either way, the best thing to do is to leave her alone!. if it's meant to be, she'll come around!. if not, well!.!.!.cut your losses and chalk everything up to experience and a lesson learned!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

I agree with So_Gorgeous, but I don't agree that Taureans are not extreme, because they definitely are!. It's rather obvious since they are Scorpio's opposite, and I've seen many a Taurus at work with their extremities!. However, a Taurus is only as extreme as the situation involved, so if your friend feels like they are doing the right thing, they won't notice how extreme they are acting, unlike a Scorpio where a Scorp is completely conscious of their extremities!.

Your Taurus friend most definitely feels that she did the most justifiable thing, even though the outside forces looking in notice how dramatic that shift was!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

She needs her space!. I'm a Taurus, and when I get into a fight with my sister (an Aquarius) it takes weeks before we talk!. Sometimes I want to be left alone - the hell alone!. I'm super big on space, and I'm thinking she is to!. Give it time, maybe another week of just isolation!. THEN go visit her!.

Another thing you need to do before seeing her again is rethinking - is there anything you might have said or done that she might have found offensive!? I"m like that to, I'm oversensitiveness and can get angry at little things like a name-call!.

Hope this helps and GOOD LUCK!!Www@Enter-QA@Com

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