What is your sign & does it describe your exactly?Describe yourself! What is sim!

Question: What is your sign & does it describe your exactly!?Describe yourself! What is similar to your sign!?Different!?
ok im re-asking my question sense yahoo was in a glitch earlier!

I am a pisces!. The pisces sign describes me to the T perfectly!

*I am very emotional
*im very sexual
*if i get into my moods i did to get away from every one! ( a library, music, take a walk, communication!. These things help the situation)
*i put every one else first before myself
*its hard for me to say the word no
*i get emotionally connected to males & females really easy!
*The eyes are a major turn on for me in men!
*i trust my intuition 150%! Its never let me down once!.
*I have major trust issues with people! They have to earn my trust!
*I know that if u put 2 pisces together thats a great sexual pair!
*I like quiet places!
*I like communication!
*I am attracted to capricorn's, pisces, & virgo's!
*for me leo's are very hard to get along with! They are stobbern & luv money!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

I am a capricorn girl and yes i would say i fit most of the traits Cappy's are said to have!.!.!.

* Very ambitious person
* Hard working
* Very Patient and I don't give up easily
* Very caring
* Always loyal
* Honest but without hurting peoples feelings
* Good listener
* Organised, Neat and Tidy
* Rarely selfish ( If ever ),
* like you i trust my intuition to the max
* I love socialising and having lots n lots of fun but i also enjoy quiet time on my own too!.
* Emotional
* I can be too sensitive at times
* Negative about myself
* I worry far too much when its not needed
* I study and analyse everything which i hate
* also like you if i am not in a good mood i need to be on my own
* Would do ANYTHING for the people i love and care about

I hope this helps :) xWww@Enter-QA@Com

as you know, contact, I'm Pisces too!. Yes, I am true Pisces, and as is also mention, we will take on traits of other signs we are close to!.
Beware of Virgos, from my own personal experience!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

I am not in tune with astrology really!. Would one mind to help clue me in!. I am a Libra, born Oct!. 14Www@Enter-QA@Com

My sign is, slippery when wet!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

I'm a true Pisces as well :)
I have in common with you everything you've posted!.!.!.with the exception of the "trust" element!. I trust every single person I encounter, until they've given me a reason not to!. It's probably better your way!
I'm happiest when I'm being creative, whether executing a painting or planning a new rose garden!.
I also have the Pisces ability to live with one foot in the next life!. I've communcated with the ghosts of loved ones; I've had a premonition of my afterlife; I have mild psychic tendencies!.
I've never read a single thing that would be normally true of Pisces that didn't apply to me!.
My best sign for compatibilty though is Scorpio!. I love them, and they love me!. I understand them, and they imbue me with their strength!. Every one of my closest friends are Scorpio :) Try getting to know Scorpio, I think you'd enjoy their company!
My personal worst sign for compatibilty is Aries!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

ME TOO! Every single thing you just wrote describes me perfectly!. :)

But I love Leos!. (Just male Leos!.)

AND Scorpios!.I will scream loudly whenever I meet one!

I hate loud,ugly,noisy places!. And dirty,ugly things!.
I can't stand rude,loud,bossy,arrogant people!.

I also love dreaming and living in my own private fantasy world!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

I'm a Cancerian: Moody and emotional!. I have strong mothering instincts and I'm very protective of my loved ones!.

My honey is a Pisces and he's about the only person I've met that gets moodier than me, lol!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

It's never that simple , you can't go on just your Sun sign !. You have to go of your whole birth chart !.

Sun = Libra !. I am diplomatic when I want to be !.
Ascending = Gemini !. I am duplicitous !.
Moon = Leo !. I am Bossy !.
Mars = Virgo !. I am a perfectionist in matters of conflict !.
Venus = Scorpio !. Yes that's me too !. look it up it's hard to explain !.Www@Enter-QA@Com

I am a Pisces!. It describes me perfectly!

*I am very emotional
*I don't mid being alone
*If I get in a mood I NEED to be alone
*I seek self-understanding & knowledge
*I don't like loud things
*I trust my intuition and have had some psychic powers
*I believe in the supernatural & spiritual world
*I always pay attention to those eyes
*I am a pretty quite person
*I am selfless
*I am perceptive
*I can't really say no
*I trust too easily
*I am very sympathetic
*I think a lot and I have a very vivid imagination (thus giving me a "dreamworld")
*I am creative in many ways, though I can't draw to save my life
*I like freedom & I don't have a life plan
*I'm very "Zen"

I had a panic attack last night! Wow! I've never had one before!. It wasn't that severe (lucky me) but it was a very interesting experience!. I have never been more scared out of my mind before, it was kinda cool!. Ha!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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