I am a scorpio guy how can i attract my leo gal?!

Question: I am a scorpio guy how can i attract my leo gal!?
ive been wanting to date a leo girl in my art class for some time now!.!. any help on how i can achieve it!?Www@Enter-QA@Com

*compliment her (a LOT!.!.!.flattery is our weakness)
*do not show interest in anybody else in front of her (the 'trying to make her jealous' thing will only send leo away pouting)
*show her how original and creative you are
*leos sensitive area is our back (esp lower back) so we love back rubs (of course!.!.!.this is for once you know her on that level)
*leos love men who love kids, animals, humanitarian causes, etc
*we also love to indulge our senses-ALL 5 of them!.!.!.to eat delicious food, have soft linens/clothes, to look at beauty, smell fine aromas, hear beautiful music!.!.!.but we also have enormous hearts and will be one of the most generous partners you could ask for!. very warm adn affectionate, but our claws come out if we feel unattended to or ignored!. give us our lil spotlight from time to time and caress our egos plenty and we'll eat out of the palm of your hand
*we are usually quick to anger, but on the other hand, can't stay mad at people forever
*we expect our partner to be as loving and attentive as we areWww@Enter-QA@Com

show her she's special,massage the ego, then ask her out!. it's as simple as that!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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