If America was a person...?!

Question: If America was a person!.!.!.!?
What would it's astrological sign be and why!?

Don't put anti-astrology/ anti-American stuff!. If you have a problem with it DONT go to the horoscope section and go to yahoo answers UK and Canada!.
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The US is a Cancerian country, with strong Gemini and Aquarian influences!. Hence the major emphasis on family and love of country!. also why boobs are such an obsession!. But new and innovative forms of communication and innovation of every kind is so apparent!. There is a natal chart of the US, it is very interesting!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

It is either :

Pisces!.!.!.the need to dissolve, to shape-shift and become one with a larger truth!. Spring is not far away!. Winter wants to dissolve into a new cycle of growth!. The ice desires to melt and return once more to the oceans and seas!. It seeps into the ground, becoming one with the soil, and rises into the air to encircle the Earth and return as rain!. The seed gives up the shell that makes it a seed, in order that it might now become a sprout!.!.!.birth requires sacrifice!. The old must perish for the new to discover itself!. This is the Season which knows what others might question!.!.!.the great mystical oneness that transcends all physical form, time and space!.


Aries!.!.!.the impulse to be!.!.!.the will to survive!. It is the Spring Equinox!.!.!.the Season of lengthening light!. Seeds that have been slumbering below the ground since harvestime of the previous Autumn push upward, eager to be born!. The sprout bursts forth into a new world, which is cold and often unpredictable!. The innocent possess the courage to take on life and the fortitude to survive the winds of March!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Whatever sign July fourth is ,-)Www@Enter-QA@Com

Maybe Leo!?

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