I have JUPITER in LEO in the 11th House at 7 degrees, opposition to my SATURN in AQUARIUS retrograde in the 5th House at 6 degrees!. I'm not happy with the descriptions of these that I've read online, I feel like they haven't given enough personal details!. Can you give me astrological insight into these placements on my natal chart, as well as in the opposition aspect between the 2!?Www@Enter-QA@Com

I will take a stab at it, and give you my take on it!.

Your Jupiter in Leo tells you that your luck will be advantageous when you act charming, confident, honest, and loyal!. You may have the desire to be protective of your self, as well as other people!. You are well-liked among people, so you'll have no problems finding references for employment!. People most likely speak highly of you!. Of course, your Jupiter in the 11th house talks about being concerned with groups, friends, and aquaintances!. Social settings may bolster your confidence, you may feel much support among your peers, and you look out for the group as a whole!.

Your Great Teacher, Saturn, is in Aquarius!. You may have the utmost desire to be your own person, even if it means stepping over others in the process!. You may try to rebel against ideas and concepts that don't fit yours, and you find much oppposition against you because of that!. However, you don't hesitate to stand up for a cause because you believe in it!. There may be times where your unconventional type thinking is innappropriate for many settings, and you probably try to be different just for difference's sake!. So, you are learning in this lifetime to be more open minded of another's ideas, be an individual and STILL be a part of the group, and rebel WITHIN structure, not rebel to tear it down!. Since your Saturn was retrograde when you were born, this indicates a past-life tendency that you are still working through in this life!. You may have hurt alot of people in the past who were just trying to help you, while you took that sign of help into something to rebel against!.

Since these planets oppose each other in your chart, there is conflict between your friends (social setting) and your personal life!. You may constantly feel rather alone, but you are alone out of conscious thought, yet you may ponder why everybody is "against you"!. However, once you let go of the social stigma, (Saturn in Aquarius), you embrace a much more positive and energetic life (Jupiter in Leo)!. There may be times when you break free of your Saturn energies, but there are also times when you fall back on them!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Hey libra-rising!. I don't know that much about astrology but think Justin gave a pretty good answer!. ;-)Www@Enter-QA@Com

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