How do i get along with geminis?!

Question: How do i get along with geminis!?
I'm a female scorpio and i just don't seem to get along with all the geminis i meet!. I always feel that they take advantage of my sweet nature, i'm very generous and i would hardly turn down a friend in need!.

Its been 7months since one of them borrowed a pair of my stilettos and dress!. I cant bring myself to ask for it back cuz i think that would be rude, besides, she agreed to return them 2days after she borrowed them!.

Another one again keeps on borrowing money which she never returns and she acts as if we are the best of friends yet she only calls me when she needs something!. My cousin again is a gemini, we really like spending time together, we laugh and joke a lot but whenever i'm with her she'll mention the latest car she is about to get, her ever 'supposedly' increasing empire and all the things that live me wanting to slap her across the face!.

How on earth do i learn to tolerate this people!? I never judge people according to their star signs but all the geminis i meet come across as two faced and very fake!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

I feel your pain!! I'm a female scorpio and have been in the same situation with those pesky geminis!.(and pesky libras grrrrrr)
Honey,allow me to be blunt!.Some geminis are absoloutely lovely!.(So to all the lovely geminis out there,please don't take offence at what I'm about to say)
Others are a nightmare!.They're flightly,fickle,shallow,inherently selfish and,believe me, as soon as she starts getting bored with using you she will not be seen for dust!.They seem sincere and direct because air signs are blessed with a sh*tload of charm and charisma,which might be the juju your talking about!.
Once you get closer you realise what empty vessels they are and it's impossible for them to feel any concern for you because they're all about themselves!.Me me me me me,that should be their epitah,frankly!.They're so vain and self absorbed they're simply
inches away from humping the mirror!.Don't allow anyone to take advantage of your kindness,distance yourself from them!.Find some nice,genuine friends and forget about those losers!.
You sound like a sweet person and you don't deserve this kind of crap!.

Your the most incompatible star sign together!!
Yes they may seem fake they are the "twins" afterall, they are two sided and it comes off very fake!. They see scorpios as push overs! Make friends with a loving cancer instead!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

lol I'm a Pisces so i know what you mean!. I saw ditch the two that are using you for their own personal gains, and just blank out when your cousin is talking air!

Trust me i know about them in various combination, Aquarius sun/Gemini moon is the worst! Tune them out all the time!.

My cousin is also a Gemini but we get along great only fought once in our lives!.

Gemini guys are ok more so when you know how to tune them out! lolWww@Enter-QA@Com

I think the first thing is to start attracting different types of people into your life!. Yes, Geminis can be tricky, but so can every other sign!. They can also be flamboyant and talkative!. They seem like they know what they are talking about when they really don't!. But the problem really isn't with them!.

You seem to expect you encounters with Geminis to be bad!. You are a deep person and you know things that they don't know!. Put them in their place, embarrass them in front of their friends, heck you can even forgive them and stay away from them, but don't try to get along with people that treat you badly!.

Understand that you don't have the same values as they do!. They are shallow so treat them as they are!. Like kindergartners!.

One more thing!. Be smarter with your money!. Never lend money to someone that can't even look you in the eye!. You really can't get along with everyone or agree with everyone, nor should you want to!. You have different outlooks on live!. But it is a sweet thought and shows your virtue!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Oh no no noooo!.

I'm a gemini and I love love love my scorpio friends :D!.!.!. I don't use them they are just very giving and sometimes I have less to give!. If you treat a gemini bad at some point in the relationship they are likely to treat you the same later on in your relationship!. But my friends a scorpio and we have a great relationship but I really have no clue whats going through her head sometimes, like she never tells me how she really feels!. ITS SO CONFUSING! D*mn it! i really dunno where I stand in our relationship but I do absolutely love her!!! Don't loose your Gemini friends it may be that this certain friend is a user but sometimes Geminis don't know when to give especially if there scorpio friend is very closed about their feelings!. Try to open up more to your Gemini friend she probably doesn't know how to improve your relationship you need to talk to her! Don't be too harsh Geminis are quick to forgive and move on but slow to forget!!.!.!. She knows somethings going on but doesn't know what your thinking do some talking Geminis love to communicate and debate!.!.!.rhymes haha!.!.!.sorry :P But anyway they will be happy to talk about both of your feelings to help improve the relationship :D!.!.

:D Good luck!

Oh!.!. I dunno if that's a good or bad thing lol!.!.
but just ask the girl who borrowed your stilettos for them back she should give them back!.!.!.Say you want to wear them soon to be honest sometimes i just forget to give things back to people!.!.We wont find it rude we would rather someone asked it from us otherwise we will just forget or not remember to give them back you NEED to ask for them back!.!.!.She wont find it rude!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

I am a scorpio also and I know what you mean!.

I have this "friend" who is a gemini who is the fakest person ive ever met!. He likes to talk but doesn't really have a personality of his own!. he just tries to act like whoever he happens to be with at the time!. He's also lies all the time which pisses me off as a scorpio because we hate lies and can see through them every time!. Everything he does is for his own personal gain!. Scorpios are much deeper and dont have time for lies and talk about nothing!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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