Sun LIBRA,moon CAPRICORN,rising ARIES ?!

Question: Sun LIBRA,moon CAPRICORN,rising ARIES !?
with 8th house of scorpio as well!.!.!.!.

hows ths person in astrologer people!?!?
any good perspectives in career and love for their 2009!?!?Www@Enter-QA@Com

7-10 Libra/Capricorn
The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a basic makeup that possesses a good deal of self-esteem!. Recognition and admiration are very important to you, and you are willing to work hard to achieve your just rewards in this regard!. The tendencies of these two signs are contradictory to one another as Libra is outgoing and unrestrained, while Capricorn, the great taskmaster, is restrictive and shows a good deal of seriousness!. When the two are combined, there is a lesser tendency to direct oneself outwardly and a greater inclination toward self-discipline!. For one born under the placid sign of Libra, you may seem hard, cold, and a bit like a machine; less than typical of the Libra social animal!. Even when you reflect your natural genial nature, there is a core of strength lying beneath the surface, producing a very warm and reliable personality!. You come across well, though not particularly extroverted!. Capricorn seems to give Libra a high degree of drive, purpose, and a more reliable direction!. Common sense and good judgment make you well suited for a serious approach to business and commerce!. You know how to maneuver people, not in a malicious way, but nonetheless in a fashion allowing you to achieve your purposes!. Accordingly, you make an excellent manager!. Committed neither to materialism or humanitarianism, your drive is more likely directed to status and a shining reputation!.



You are not as aggressive, daring and flamboyant as you appear to the world, which is fairly so; and you are also much more sensitive than you seem on the outside!. You are actually a very gentle soul inside who is highly motivated by beauty, harmony and comfortable surroundings!. Your own family is also quite important to you!.

You contain a good mixture of intellect, idealism and energy but may not care for this society's "conventional materialism", believing your time is better spent with the arts or personal projects!. You are right and these creative endeavors will bring abundant good feeling to your soul and maybe considerable money!.

You have many idealistic visions that should be pursued!. It's probably best for you to listen to your inner guidance instead of those on the outside who try to persuade you!. There is so much of the future of civilization going on inside you, and most others can not even conceive of that!. Be very, very discriminate with who and when you share your most idealistic thoughts!.

You may be what is called a New Age type person, one who is interested in the occult, i!.e!., Astrology, acupuncture, healing, the I Ching, Numerology and the Tarot!. You could become a New Age community leader or teacher because of your mathematical abilities which naturally understand these ethereal "Frames of Reference"!.

In love and relationships you are passionate and a real romantic but also a bit of a dramatist!. You may not give the impression of needing a mate but that is exactly the case!. This is a highly sexed combination which will do better in life once a suitable partner is acquired!. Children are indicated!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

2009 looks like a good year for Libra people both in career and love!. This will be a year of positive changes!.

People born under this sign are ener-getic, ambitious, generous, and inspired!. The men and women are said to differ even more than Leo men and women, and probably from the same reason!. The Libra men having had to seek their own way, and to find their own companions and occupations, early learn to turn their inspirations and their clairvoyant ability to financial account, and so become stock brokers and sometimes gamblers!. The scales of Libra tip very easily, and too often one scale touches bottom with a dead weight, while the other swings aloft unused and empty!.

Libra men are very fascinating, and they are as reckless in following out the gratification of their desires as they are in gambling games and speculations!. This pursuit is not so much sensual as sensuous, and is more of an eagerness for new objects of attraction than an impulse of passion!. When over-taken by disaster, they recover quickly and go to work again with redoubled vigor!.

Their feet never touch the earth in their calculations and intrigues!. They are full of hope and enthusiasm, and crash after crash produces no effect!. The Libra women who have not had the masculine liberty are not so reckless as their brothers!. They are apt to be careless about money matters, and this is often due to their extreme aversion to the financial part of any transaction!. They detest to be mixed up with money matters!. They are not intentionally dishonest, for they always expect to be able to pay their debts, and often borrow with the noblest intentions, but if anything occurs to thwart their calculations —and ten to one it does—they expect the person borrowed from to be as magnanimous in forgiving the debt as they would be in paying it if they had the money!. And yet these people, both men and women, have a keen and beautiful sense of justice; they are also exceedingly intuitive and mediumistic!. When spiritualized, the scales hang evenly bal-anced, and the work that can be accomplished for humanity by the Libra people cannot be overestimated!.

Among them are poets, writers, and musicians!. They soar high because the most rarefied air is their native element!. They will give away the largest half of anything they possess, and never expect an equivalent!. They are timid and apprehensive of disaster to their children and friends, and cause much nervous anxiety to their families and others!.

Those born under this sign, especially the women, are so sensitive to harmony or inharmony that they can tell as soon as they enter a house what the prevailing conditions are!. This sometimes makes them appear sad, indifferent, or disturbed, and they are considered very disagree-able and inconsistent!. Their high spirits are subdued, and a shadow falls upon all who are in their company!. As it is not usually safe or proper to explain the reason of the cloud, the victims are obliged to suffer and be silent!. This tendency to feel every change in those about them, and to read secret thoughts is a constant menace to the best develop-ment!.
It keeps the individual harassed by anxieties which cannot be relieved or spoken of!. In this way the sympathies are kept in constant action and without subserving any good purpose!.

When this psychic power is dominated by the will, and made to mind its own business, and keep out of other people's affairs, it is a wonderful force, but, used on a lower plane, is a source of unrest and misery!.
Libra women are very kind and ami-able, and are averse to any cruelty and bloodshed!. The women and children dislike to know that even a chicken must be killed!. They are very neat, and dis-like any hard and dirty work!. The other type of Libra people is to be found more among the males who have broad, round foreheads, and are cunning and quick speculators, having wonderful perceptive faculties!. These will usually be found in the stock markets, where they are very fortunate!. These men are apt to be very inconstant!.

Libra people are psychic collectors of thought, having the ability to acquire the occult laws of nature!. Possessing the power of perception of spiritual knowl-edge, they can reach the highest goal of human attainment by bringing their powers to a centre within the bosom!. Those who recognize the dawning of the life regenerate, can acquire the divine and hidden mysteries of the ages!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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