Whats up with my dream?!

Question: Whats up with my dream!?
The other night my boyfriend had a dream about us being in jail and he saw a creature in his dream though someone else point of view!. He said the the creature was white with his eye stichted shut!. They were in a X patteren!. He also said that the crature said I was just showing him what his life could have been!.
Well Last night I had a dream about us getting married and than after the wedding I was in a big garden!. That was really nice and the creature was in it!. It was talking but I could not make out what it was saying at all!. We both said that the creature was scarry looking but didn't want to hurt us!. It rather was showing us something!. But we couldn't figure it out!. in both of our dreams we both had are friends in it!. And they all the same people!. also we both have a friend that is in a wheel chair and he was walking in our dreams!. If anyone has any ideas what this Creature is meaning or needs more information please let me know!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Your boyfriends dream:

Jail dreams are always fun: When you dream that your in jail usually means that your feeling confined - dreaming your lover is in jail means he might think that your deceitful and untrustworthy!. Or this could just be a Bonnie and Clyde dream *wink*!.

The creature in his dream has his eyes stitched shut - that could mean that either he himself or someone he knows is refusing to see the truth about something or avoid of intimacy!. Of course, white is a symbolic meaning for a holy being!.

Your dream:

Alright, I only a limited amount about Dream interpretation, but I do know that dreaming about wedding means death, but I think that's only when your WATCHING a wedding, when your actually the person getting married that might mean your nervous or anxious about something!.

The creature is a tough one!. Creatures (or monsters) usually mean misfortune, but a nice one!? Hmm!.

About your friend in the wheelchair - walking can mean progression in life!.

So, my over all interpretation from my experience is: you need to be careful, you might get injured or sick - the kind monster might symbolize something you know is wrong, he'll try to convince you, but you'll know better!.

also, try to spend some more time with your boyfriend, talk more about your relationship, see if he has any doubts!.

BUT, like I said earlier, some parts just might be dreams!.

Hope this helps!. ^!.^Www@Enter-QA@Com

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