In your 10th house in your Astrology Chart what sign or signs are there & are th!

Question: In your 10th house in your Astrology Chart what sign or signs are there & are there any planets there as well!?
Because of what the 10th house means!.!.!.!.Career, How others perceive you!.!.!.!.!.how do you feel about what your ensemble of these questions are to your chart and ultimately to you!? Some have not evolved enough yet!.!.!.nothing wrong there! Now!.!.!.please if you would be so kind, what are your thoughts on the Midheaven and anything else you might like to say!?
(Privately I would tell u mine!.!.!.!.thx)Www@Enter-QA@Com

House X in TaurusWww@Enter-QA@Com

Sagittarius in 10th House
Uranus in 10th House

I would have to agree!. I am very independent, unique, eccentric, and I want to travel all over the world!. I need an independent career!. I can't be tied down!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Mars- leo
Midheaven- leo


My 10th is in Virgo I can't remember if I have any planets in my 10th I think the moon!? I'm not sure its been a long time since I went over my chart!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Howdy Garbo,

My Midheaven is pretty much the focal point of my chart, and will probably paint the picture of my life!.!.!.in some ways it already has!. My Midheaven is in Sagitarrius, with Saturn and Uranus conjunct with about 1 degree difference!.

I also have Capricorn Sun, Mercury, Neptune and Pallas in a stellium, there, however it's all closer towards the 11th house, so no conjunction to Saturn or Uranus with that stellium!. Both Saturn and Uranus square my ascendant in Pisces!.

Sun, and Mercury are each receiving a square from Jupiter in Aries, in my first house, which is actually pretty beneficial!. Saturn and Uranus are trine Jupiter in Aries 1st house, and trine Leo moon!.

Directly in opposition to my Saturn, by less than 1 degree orb, is my Chiron in Gemini!. Saturn conjunct Midheaven and Chiron conjunct IC can describe my view towards success, and fulfillment of my, well literally, *spirit*, with about 80 percent accuracy!. 1: It is inevitable to my well-being and happiness!. 2: It's going to be, inevitably damn painful, but Chiron opposition Saturn; one or the other, I'm kind of f'd, right!?

I'll need to tackle Chiron conjunct my IC before I have complete access to my Midheaven!. Saturn conjunct Midheaven represents burden in ones career!. But, I'm aware, and that's the greatest start a person can have!.

I think from when I was around 11, maybe 12, I start trying to guess peoples Sun signs, as a hobby!. By the time i was 14, I was reading Immanual Kant, and Sigmund Freud works, ect!., comparing them to astrology ideas!. Jupiter trine Midheaven, and Midheaven in Sag, usually point to early interest in the direction of a persons life!. I could read fluently by the tim eI was 3, and I remember teaching myself how to spell a few words!. Vanderbilt University requested that my parents let me have elementary education when I was little, under their guidance so I could be studied!. It may not sound like that represents Chiron in Gemini for me!.!.!.but trust me, it does!.

I go to a really good University, studying Classics and Mythology, mainly!. There is so much more I could say!. I think Midheaven and Inum Coeli are, as, if not more important than the Ascendant for my chart!. I've seen the affects greatly, but it's left some scars, too!.

I plan on being a multi-millionaire, and retiring by 40!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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