URGENT - Tarot readers I do need help interpreting some cards I drew last night?!

Question: URGENT - Tarot readers I do need help interpreting some cards I drew last night!?
I spit with my partner last September following a miscarriage!.Ii asked the question does he want to get back with me and the following cards came up:

The Eight of Cups
The Empress
The Ten of Cups

I also asked the question "Does he feel bad about the way he treated me in the relationship" after the miscarriage and the following cards came up:
The Moon
The Three of Swords
The Fool
The Hermit
The Queen of Cups

Could someone help me interpret what these mean!.

For those of you who don't believe fine - Please do not answer!. I do believe in Tarot!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Well to me the first spread is saying that he left due to a stagnant in the relationship!. The Empress is a place of fertility, with it being surrounded by cups this means your ready to produce a loving relationship!. The 10 of Cups means love, so there is love there!. I would say you need to use your feminine wiles to win him back!.

The moon can represent mood swings or emotional instability!. He may of been trying to make sense of an unclear situation!. (hence him taking it out on you!.) 3 of swords of course just like it looks means heartbreak w/ justice it means divorce over a long standing problem!.
The Fool is is willing to take a chance a fresh approach to things!. Justice is an appropriate resolution!. The Hermit is self-discovery!. Queen of Cups is a woman who gives people the benefit of the doubt, she is a romantic at heart and very nurturing!.

I read this to mean that he does feel bad about it, he took things out on you due to the moon but there were problems in the relationship before the baby situation, maybe that's what the fool is pertaining too!. Maybe he looked at this as a saving point to your relationship!. He feels he needs to make things right for you probably did some soul searching and he knows you're a loving caring person he should have been nicer to!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

in tarot you are never allowed to ask a Yes or No question!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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