Diff astrology question.?!

Question: Diff astrology question!.!?
ok now I know this is going to come off sounding weird or maybe even stupid but relay think about it

Do you think astrology has any say on how a pet or animal behaves!?
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I had a dog who was born in December and was a Sagittarius!. I could never take her off leash!. She would stand and look into the distance with her nose in the air, sniffing far off lands and adventures!. I learned this the hard way!. So yes I think dogs behave by their signs just as we do!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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If Dog's Zodiac Sign is unknown or uncertain,
follow the links given below for clarification help:

Aries is the first Sign of the Zodiac!. The Aries Dog will live by the motto "Me First" and there will be no "please" about it!. Life to this canine is an exciting, all-consuming challenge!. This is a quick-tempered dog and in extreme cases, one who is downright selfish!. Given his or her position in the Zodiac, however, it is only natural that the Aries Dog would want to be leader of the pack!. Physically, the Aries Dog is an active, energetic and urgent type of canine, with an almost endless capacity for exercise, who demands (and needs) long walks several times a day!. This dog will enjoy a variety of activities, such as agility classes or playing frisbee!. On a visit to the countryside, he or she will soon be picking up a scent or acting as a trailblazer!. The Aries Dog is prone to accidents since, by nature, this canine is reckless and daring!. Headaches are often a problem for this dog, as is sunstroke during the Summer months!. A home with plenty of space is vital to this canine, who hates to be restricted in any way!. Any owner cooped-up in the average house with an Aries Dog all day will soon become utterly exhausted!. A small cottage is also no suitable home for this canine and individuals who live in an apartment should give the Aries Dog a very wide berth!. It is foolish to think that this dog can be contained with fences or gates!. Much like Harry Houdini (who was also born under the sign of Aries), this canine is sure to find a way to escape, being ever anxious to make his or her mark upon the world!.

The Aries Dog will never be a "yes-dog," not even after months of training!. The battle for independence begins the moment this little pup arrives in the home!. It is futile for an owner to attempt to assert superiority over the Aries Dog!.!.!.he or she will stop at nothing to undermine an owner's position!. The end relationship between the Aries Dog and his or her human will largely be one of compromise!.!.!.usually on the part of the owner!.!.!.but can be most enjoyable once the owner is "trained!." In short, the Aries Dog is basically a warm-hearted creature who will prove to be amusing, if time-consuming, and he or she is incapable of sulking or holding a grudge for long!. Most canines who fall under the jurisdiction of Aries are completely intolerant of other dogs, constantly getting into scraps and trying to dominate each and every other pet (and person) within the household!. The types of Aries Dog who appear to thrive best under the influence of this constellation are Gun Dogs, Whippets, Lurchers and those who fall into the hunting varieties!.

Natives of Leo and Sagittarius tend to get along best with the Aries Dog!.!.!.whether it be as an owner or a companion pet!. The stable elements found in both Signs act as a balance to the erratic side of the canine ruled by Aries!. Some of the energetic and self-expressive qualties are also shared between all three of these Zodiac Signs, thus leading to a type of mutual understanding!.

The Taurus Dog is a plodding dog!.!.!.strong, silent and determined!. This canine may be led, but never driven!. However, if allowed to move at a slow pace, the Taurus Dog has no problem in doing what is asked of him or her!. Being close to the owner is heaven to this canine and in order to ensure comfort and security when the family is away from home, it is necessary to leave something with the Taurus Dog that bears the owner's scent!. A lethargic and sometimes lazy soul, this canine would much rather sleep than run around!. He or she truly appreciates a comfortable bed, complete with super-soft blankets!. In short, the Taurus Dog loves to be pampered!. This canine is not particularly big on exercise and should not be expected to run over the hill and through the woods!.!.!.indeed, he or she will probably not even want to run around the yard!. Nevertheless, this canine is fond of the outdoors and a drive around the countryside in the car with the window down (rather than a walk through the same area) will be thoroughly enjoyed by the Taurus Dog!. This canine can be a persistent and stubborn character!.!.!.one who, if possessed with the power of human speech, would probably argue more often than not!. Still, the Taurus Dog is a loyal and faithful creature, relatively easy to train and highly unlikely to ever run away from home!. The Taurus Dog thoroughly appreciates the finer things of life and can be possessive of what he or she considers to be items of personal value!. Unfortunately, virtually everything this dog surveys is considered to be a personal possession!.!.!.from his or her feeding bowl to visitors in the home!. It would be best not to allow this canine to actually see any guests depart, since the Taurus Dog perceives new people as personal possessions and maWww@Enter-QA@Com

I love this question!. Here's the problem!. Hardly anyone records the time or date of birth of pets!. There is hardly enough information to do a serious research!.

That being said thorough bred horses have records and astrology has been able to explain their superior athletic performance!. I have a 3 page report in one of my astrology books on a certain horse!.

I don't know what other reason anyone would want to do an animal chart though!. There has to be money to be made!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Ask for evidence that it works on anything before you ask about other animals!. Besides, why would they care!?

Read about a story about the difference between dogs and cats!. If you feed and care for a dog, they think you are a god!. Do the same for a cat, they think they're the god!.

If it's not science, it's superstition!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

YES!. It's so funny!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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