Pisces In a bad place.?!

Question: Pisces In a bad place!.!?
I have asked this question before but I didn't really get many answers that helped much, Please don't be offended if you did answer my other ones!.
But here goes, I'm In a house hold that I cant get out of right now!. No friends that live near me!. One of my parents is an alcoholic and the other is verbally abusive!. what is a caring sensitive Pisces to do!?
Its not so much that there mean or anything its just all the fighting and negative spirits are bringing me down!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

I'm a Pisces Sun!.

My Sun is in the eighth house, my North Node is in Taurus, meaning my South Node is also in Scorpio!. Many of the issues I've had to work through have been about death and transformation!.

I've been through more than my fair share of family trauma, some of it involving verbal abuse and physical violence!. I would say the biggest issues with my father have reached a sense of equilibrium (since 2006)!.

The last time I had a physical altercation with my father was in 2004!. My Mum got in between us trying to kill each other and she was knocked to the ground with a gash to her head!. She had to be taken to A&E!. "Hate" for my father didn't begin to describe it!. But it's been resolved!. I wrote about this to another Piscean several nights ago in this same section!.

I've been working as a spiritual healer since 2005!. I now understand that helping others in their suffering has also been an attempt in part to understand my own!.

It's hard to understand the efficacy of what I'm about to recommend you if you haven't had any experience working with non-physical life force before!. It's ***partly*** about changing the energetic frequency that you're emitting which attracts all these negative situations!.

The 28-Day Cure/Matrix Support Programme works from the basis of homoeopathy and alchemy!. The rough idea of homoeopathy is that you're imbibing the 'ghost' or invisible subtle energetic signature of a substance, instead of its much cruder, denser physical form!. It's basically lactose pills imbued with a certain vibration!.

There's a lot of information on the site but you won't understand it all, certainly not all at one reading!. It's also written in "Euro English" which makes it sound a bit off to native English speakers, lol!.

I would strongly suggest that you start on it first instead of waiting to understand it all as it may take several years of self work at least to fully appreciate it!.

I wouldn't have understood it in 2005!. I was given this information by a fellow healer at the end of last year!. It immediately made perfect sense to me and I've added it to my collection of tools!. I've taken level 1 myself and I must say, my clarity and focus has been bumped up!.

If you trust your intuition and what I'm saying to you resonates in an unspeakable form, you'll know that there is something in what I'm saying!.


Do understand that I'm not apportioning blame on you at all or the people around you - that's beside the point!. It's not about forgiveness either - as I find that a negative state in which one party has to be wrong and that's not very useful - or making excuses, but acceptance!.

EDIT: My answer to a Piscean who has been having trouble with his Libra father:

EDIT 2: Sure, channelling your energy into something positive for yourself and others would also help heaps!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

I am a Aquarius but have many similarities to Pisces and what you are talking about, I'm going through basically the same situation!. What I tell myself is not to worry about them, you love them, keep loving them!. I tell myself I am going places and doing things, I will turn out better than them and make a life for myself!. Don't let others bring you down, which is hard for me, because like you say, other peoples feelings seem to affect me sooo much!. I hope you find this to some use and if not find an answers that will!.
Best LuckWww@Enter-QA@Com

I would suggest going out and taking a walk through a park or something, to clear your head and to get in touch with yourself again!. I always feel at ease when I am away from others, and it gives me a chance to think, so perhaps it will work for you too!. Late at night/early morning also is a good time to think too!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

And i answered this question before! Haha! But I got a couple more answers after asking my pisces boyfriend!. Maybe watch a movie, listen to music, or just take a long bath!. My boyfriend is a pisces, and told me thats how he escapes from the "real world"!.

I guess those are some of the few things i could think of that would relax you!. I really hope I helped!. I understand pisces are emotional, and I love them for it! I feel really bad!.!. Good luck!Www@Enter-QA@Com

Go into your room, shut the door, listen to some relaxing music and do something you love, or try meditating!. Hope this helps :)Www@Enter-QA@Com

From a Pisces point of view we are daydreamers so I would daydream nice thoughts let your mind take you away from the stress pretend you are somewhere else!. Sorry that's what I do not much helpWww@Enter-QA@Com

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