Hes driving me crazy - what does he want?!

Question: Hes driving me crazy - what does he want!?
Hi, theres this guy that has been flirting and joking around with me (we are workmates) for almost a year and a half now - we have moments but it just never eventuates!. im sick of this so im turning to the psychic's on here!. please please can you tell me if there is any future for us whatsoever, because i keep holding back from living my life and im sick on trying to figure out his intentions!.
thanks so much (if you need more information - names, birth dates etc!. just email me)
again thanks!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Workplace flirtation is a risky undertaking!.
It can quickly lead to unwanted sexual advances, which (at least in the US!.)is legally Sexual Harassment and grounds for disiplinary action, loss of job or legal charges!.

I advise you to tell the man clearly (write it on paper first, exactly what you intend to say) that you have no inerest in any dating flirting or hugging whatever it is that has been suggested thu your interactions!. Then document the conversation on paper, date and time of conversation!.

If he makes further advances, comments, touching, propositioning say "NO!" don't argue!. Document what was said, done and thn go to your supervisor!. He or She should be supportive and helpfull!.

I only tell you all that non psychic stuff, above, because I see this is not going anywhee posotive!. Possibly could turn nasty/icky!.


since yoour sick of it its probably just joking around with him dont ever hold back your life for a man , for they will play as long as they can, as long as you let themWww@Enter-QA@Com

He dosent love you!. He's just not that into youWww@Enter-QA@Com

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