Pisces not know what they want? ?!

Question: Pisces not know what they want!? !?
My boyfreind (Pisces) and I (Leo) decided to split after 4months!.
He has had to look after his mother and then his ex of 4years ago has now suddenly started to have an interest in him again!. He isnt in a good position and we decided to end things whilst he sorted himself out!.

I understand this, I put no preasure on him and cos we got on so well we actually decided to be freinds!. I would have expected a period of non-contact but since we decided to split he still texts every day asking how I am and if Im ok!.

Maybe it's my bl;ack and white attitute but I find this messing with my head a little!.

Care to shed some light!?Www@Enter-QA@Com

Well see the thing is those to dont match at all!. Those 2 signs!. My bf is a leo & im a pisces! He dont understand me at all!. If u need more info on this relationship please hit me up me & him have been together for 12 plus years!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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