Cancer-Cap female & Scorpio-Aries male, what do you think about these sun-moon c!

Question: Cancer-Cap female & Scorpio-Aries male, what do you think about these sun-moon combos!?
I know there's a lot of cardinal signs in there, but what do you make out of this relationship!? I dig the scorpio sun!. His aries moon isn't too bad!. I have three Sag's in my chart, maybe that helps!?Www@Enter-QA@Com

cancer- forgives but never forgets
scorpio- when they are upset they use poisonous words

capricorn- all about order and respect
aries- very outspoken and brutally rude

i personally am a capricorn and moon sign in scopio!. i CANNOT stand aries men!. i really cant!. i am quite reserved but they get my blood boiling to a point where we will full blown argue and scream at eachother and yes!.!.!.this has happened with 3 different aries men!. scorpios are very dramatic people!. as men they r no necessarily emotional dramatic!.!.!.perhaps they show a passion in some one thing!. but when they want to hurt ur feelings they will hit home!. cancers are usually nurtering and friendly!. easily hurt though!. they want to appear tough but deep down they cant handle getting hurt!.

going based off soley on ur sun signs!. i think the match could be fun for some time!. but u have to be careful about arguing!. scorpio will attack and cancer will be hurt for a long time!. make sure to never let it get that far!. good luck ;-)Www@Enter-QA@Com

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