Water sun with air moon sign... are you less emotional because of your moon sign!

Question: Water sun with air moon sign!.!.!. are you less emotional because of your moon sign!?
i'm a pisces with gemini moon!.
although the description of gemini moon is quite accurate for me, there's one thing that bothers me!. i'm not emotionally detached at all!. i'm still a sensitive pisces!.
i have the curiousity of a gemini among other gemini traits!.!.!. but i'm not quite emotionally detached like they say!.!.!.in fact i'm emotionally expressive!. when i feel something i like to share it and talk about it!.

what about you!?Www@Enter-QA@Com

I am also a pisces with a gemini moon!.
I am, of course, still a sensitive pisces!. Your moon sign does not 'override' your sun sign, and I think it is important to see the term 'emotionally detached' in a different way!. It is not necessarily the opposite of being emotionally expressive, it just means at a basic astrological level that you will probably see and view your own and other people's emotions differently than a watery moon would: you will think a lot about emotions, sometimes more than you just simply feel them!.

I know for me personally that in the right mood I will objectively evaluate my own feelings and other peoples feelings and work through things logically!. To me, the mere fact that you say you like to 'share and talk' about your emotions is very gemini moon, and in many ways people would see this expression of emotions as 'detached'!. It doesn't mean that you aren't emotional, it means that you may go about expressing your emotions differently to a pisces moon, for instance, who will not necessarily THINK about their emotions or want to discuss them!.!.!. they will feel them completely and wholly, and probably be more secretive with them!. Talking and thinking about your emotions is gemini moon, and many people may see this as 'detached', because you are detaching your feelings from your emotional pool and logically thinking about them in your mental pool!.

In my opinion, on the good side, a steady pisces sun with gemini moon can be a very emotional person who can see their emotions as well as the emotions of others in a constructive light, and work through them and understand them mentally as well as spiritually!. In this way it is a blessing!. On the bad side, a hurt pisces sun with gemini moon may feel coldness towards themselves or others, and not pay enough attention to their true feelings or the feelings of others!.

As queen rach said, though, you have to look at the whole chart to see why these things come about!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Sure, the Moon does rule the emotions and your inner needs and wants, however, with your Sun in a water sign you will still be sensitive!. Remember, the rest of the chart is important, and chances are you have more Pisces placements within it!. Unless you were all air you wouldn't be emotionally detached!. Besides, just because air typically doesn't show or express emotions as easily, it doesn't mean that it does not have emotions!. You also need to look at house placements and aspects as well!. Your Moon could be in the first house, or make certain aspects to other planets that could increase sensitivity!. It could also be the fact that your Moon is just not as dominant in your personality and does not have a strong placement in comparison to other things!.

Remember the chart is a blend of things, and you can't really look at it piece by piece!. Each influence is there to give a new flavor to your personality, but you can never expect to judge your personality by simply looking at one sign in your chart!.

I'm the opposite, I'm an Air Sun with a Water Moon!. I blow between extremes!.!.!.!.Emotionally detached one moment, extremely sensitive the next!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Your Gemini moon maybe still wandering through Taurus/Cancer region (earth shifting polar axis and so) Then your moon should be in exaltion or ruler placement!. That's why you have strong feelingWww@Enter-QA@Com

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