Have you ever made a Wish List & what are your first three Astrology Signs?!

Question: Have you ever made a Wish List & what are your first three Astrology Signs!?
I am asking for a reason!.!.!.!.!.as I did recently and nearly as soon as the ink had dried the nearly impossible became realities!.!.!.!.!.oh surely stranger things have happened than this, but for all of the struggles of last year I am gobsmacked as these are truly "Out of the Bloom" sorts of things for me!.!.!.!.!.!.how ever so amazing!!!
So my Question stands, have YOU ever made a "Wish List" & if so!.!.!.!.what happened!?

I will share with you at a more appropriate time what has happened to and for me!.!.!.!.!.mind you it is only the 21st of January!. Colour me!.!.!.!.!.!.excited!!!

And you!?

Thanks in advance!


I make wish lists when I feel the need to put the wish to paper!. It seems like it is more likely to come true when the ink is on the paper!. However, I don't ever do it all the time!. Just the important wishes, the ones that I can't stop wondering and wishing!. I'm glad to see that you are excited that is is only Jan!.21st! There is a lot of things to accomplish in 2009! Good luck to you and accomplishing your dreams!

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yes i do make my wishlist sometimes, but as soon as im finished writing it all, i get bored staring at it, makes me want to sleep, besides i think i would never get it, lol(so pessimistic me) so i'll abandoned it and let the dust hide it!.!.!.


I make wish lists all the time!.
I make them because I want to know what I want to get!. That way I can keep track and get them when I have the money

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When you say "wish list," I'm assuming you are not only referring to material possessions right!? I'm sure a wish list might include personal goals, etc!. I guess on my end, I'm going to refer to my wish list as personal goals or what I'm trying to accomplish in my relationships with people that I'm acquainted with, etc!.

Well, I know for a fact that some of the wishes on my list have been on there for a long, long time!. I would go as far to say that waiting for some of them has been an emotional burden, but I am holding on and I am a very patient person!. I've always had a mindset of "wait for the best" and "don't settle for the least!." There is one particular wish that slowly faded away and I finally just let it go after so long!. Unexpectedly, it came to me like 8 months later(I had let it go for about 8 months) and I didn't proceed with it, since the desire and drive for it was no longer there!.

I do like to keep my faith and hope with what is on my wishlist!.


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