Is this typical of a Capricorn male? ?!

Question: Is this typical of a Capricorn male!? !?
So, I am friends with this Capricorn, we talk a lot, text almost every day, he is often the one who instigates hanging out!. He took me to a movie once!. We usually just hang out at my place quite often and chill and watch movies!. No messing around or anything though!. He has said a couple of times "I'm not looking for a girlfriend!." I've never given any indication I want to date him!. Although I think he strictly does like me as a friend, I do wonder sometimes!.!.!.could the I'm not looking for a girlfriend thing just be a front, or does he more than likely mean it!? Or could he be saying that just to see how I react!? Anyone been in a situation like this!? Thanks!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Hi Carly!
I think that it is a mixture of both!. He may just be saying that to see the reaction and possibly he isn't really LOOKING for a relationship!. Capricorn's are very laid back and private!. It doesn't surprise me that he hasn't made a move on you, especially if he likes you!. If he didn't respect you then it wouldn't matter to him!. Capricorns prefer to do all that kinda stuff in private behind closed doors!. Hope I've helped!. I have been married to a Capricorn for 7 years and been together (dating) for 10 years!. Good luck with your Capricorn!Www@Enter-QA@Com

yeah just be friend it takes a cap a long time to be sure plus they want to have a good job and make sure they can support the one they are with,Www@Enter-QA@Com

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