What To Do With This Confusing Libra Boy?!

Question: What To Do With This Confusing Libra Boy!?
He is really sexy to me, I am a Cancer female!. Apparently Libras are very quiet, etc!.!. But this little Libra is loud, attention craving, and thinks he is amazing!. But he is really smart, and will argue with anyone, and put these people in their places while doing so!.!. Well, everyone hates him for this but I find it really funny and see it as a joke!. How do I approach him!? He gave me his number the second day I met him!? And called me today!? Think he likes me!? And how do I get him!?

Thanks darling Yahoo Answerers!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Ok let me tell you this!.!.!.

Libra boys will quickly fall in love with you, they'll use their charm to dazzle you and make you go weak in your knees, they all know how to charm a woman!.!.!.and then, when they've got you wrapped around their little finger and practically eating out of the palm of their hand, they'll start to slowly withdraw!. U'll now be the one calling all the time and initiating dates!.!.!.sad but true!.

Here is what you can do though!.!.!.don't show him that you really interested in him!.!.!.don't call him all the time!.!.!.just play hard to get and keep him coming for more!.!.!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Wrong!. The first answer person is wrong!. We are NOT ALL like this social super energized libra that you described!. Because I know I'm not!. And it's really funny how he is like that! I think I would hate him a little too!. lol!. j/k

But he seems to really like you to have given you his number already!! And the fact that you like him too is a bonus!! I think he likes you!. You should totally go for it!Www@Enter-QA@Com

We are ALWAYS like the gentleman you just described!. If he called you and gave you his number than he definitely likes you, and won't have to do much to keep him happy!. ;-)Www@Enter-QA@Com

hey im a cancer girl and dating a libra almost similar as you explained!.!.!. its been 3months that we are dating and he started showing his cold shoulder to me!.!.!. librans get bored easily and what makes us cancers annoying in this relationship is the way they treat you and your Gfriends in the same manner!.!.!. and how they approach other girls jus for converstaion and how they make them fall back of them!.!.!. my man is lil clingy and sentimenatl but beleive me all librans are not like that!.!.!. they are jus good for flirting not for a deep relationship like all cancers seek for!.!.!. now im almost thing to call off our relationship!.!.!. im jus so frustrated these dayz with him!.!.!. coz im the one who always care about him and dedicating myself withut even looking at other guy!.!.!. and he's the one without even caring me and talking to every girl around!.!.!. with interest!.!.!. he calls me as if its his duty!.!.!. so im done with this!.!.!. i cannot carry any light hearted relationship and these dayz im becoming some other person pretending as if i don care for him

generally libras like charming ppl and making them fall for them!.!.!. they can make anything to make you fall and later with they give you a cold hand saying i need time for decision making!.!.!. duhh i don say not to talk to him!.!.!. but first know him coz a person personality depends on so many other planetary placements and then think of anything further!.!.!. don fall in their magical trap!.!.!. good luck:)Www@Enter-QA@Com

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