Pisces and Libra????????!

Question: Pisces and Libra!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
I'm a Pisces and I tend to be attracted to Libras!.!.!. though many things say we clash!.

Are Sagittarius and Libra a good match!? I'm asking for my friend!. Thnxx!Www@Enter-QA@Com

Pisces + Libra

Water + Air = Rain

This combination is destined to go one of two ways!. You’ll either love each other or be totally confused by each other!. Basically, you are receptive and intuitive, and like to live in the inner world of ideas!. The Libran will prefer the everyday world!. They’ll feel you are out of touch, and unable to fulfil many of their social and intellectual needs!.

Libra will need to learn that you do have the intellectual capacity to grasp what they’re saying, but you assimilate ideas on an emotional level and mull them over!. They will also find it a little strange that you’re so non-verbal!. You don’t need to talk much, and when you do talk, it’s in riddles!. This will also confuse them: they’ll feel that the things you say are jigsaw pieces they have to put together!.

If they don’t get the fact that you prefer listening to talking, you’re going to be really frustrated!. You’ll feel like saying, ‘Ssshhh Libra, talk to me with your mind and heart!.’

Pisceans, like the fish that represent them, swim in schools and enjoy social interaction!. There are times, though, when they need to be completely and utterly alone!. This too will seem strange to Libra, who needs constant social activity and company!. Both of you need to make adjustments here!.

Because of the great placement of Venus in Pisces, Libra can learn more about themselves by spending time with you!. The unconditional love you give out can help an evolved Libran reach a deeper self-understanding – sexually and emotionally!.

The operative word here is ‘evolved’!. If that’s the type of Libran you’re with, it’s quite likely your interaction will produce a partnership that is fulfilling on every level!. This relationship could be one of the more special combinations of the zodiac!.

Notwithstanding your differences, you will find satisfaction and love with Librans born between 23 September and 3 October because of the strong Venus influence!. This is a good combination!.

Librans born between 4 October and 13 October are co-ruled by Aquarius, and are very progressive!. They don’t offer you the soft, gentle love you’re looking for!. They’re also not altogether steady about the way they express their feelings!. You’ll need more commitment than they can offer!.

Librans born between 14 October and 23 October will be exciting and stimulating at first, but eventually they are probably too much like hummingbirds for you!. You prefer a deeper focus!. They’re very keen to spend time with lots of different people, and have a shorter attention span than you!.

Sagittarius + Libra

Fire + Air = Hot Air

There’s something really refreshing about the combination of Libra and Sagittarius!. There’s an immediate sense of comfort, an ease of communication and a general feeling of wellbeing when you and Libra connect!.

Libra will prove to be a worthy friend!. They have the ability to slowly but surely polish the rough yet valuable Sagittarian diamond that you are!.

There are similarities between your signs!. Most importantly, you both love diversity, change and investigating the world and the people you come into contact with!. Because of this you’ll be able to give Libra the excitement and variety they thrive on!. This is particularly so when it comes to people!. People are very important to Libra!.

You might eventually choose to vacation together or simply go on long walks in beautiful natural surroundings!. This will help you to slip into the groove of interesting discussion and emotional sharing which is vital to the wellbeing of a Libran!.

Some Sagittarians and Librans meet while they are on holiday, travelling overseas or interstate (or, would you believe, standing at the bus stop on their way home from work)!. However it happens, you’re very interested in travel, and your star sign also strongly influences Libra’s travel tastes!. This will be an important factor in your meeting and your friendship!.

The romantic side of your relationship is a most interesting one!. If Libra can get over the initial shock/horror of your ‘in your face’ attitude, you’ll both start enjoying your intimate moments together!.

Be careful not to push Libra too far, though!. They are very sensitive, and don’t like being taken beyond the limits of good taste!. Once you begin to relax together, get to know each other more, your closeness will shift to a deeper level; your satisfaction will also intensify over time!.

Librans born between 23 September and 3 October are probably a little too fickle for your liking, even though you see much of your own independence in them!. You’ll need to do some pretty clever wheeling and dealing to bring them into line with your romantic objectives!.

Librans born between 4 October and 13 October also promise some exciting times!. Things can even get a little zany when the two of you team up!. Expect the unexpected with them!.

You have incredibly good opportunities for marriage with Librans born between 14 October andWww@Enter-QA@Com

Gah!. I thought I wasn't going to talk about Sun Sign stereotypes any more!.

Pisces and Libra are highly unlikely to be each other's Great Love!. If you're looking for short term fun, Air Signs are exactly fine for that!.

Strong initial attraction (or rather, he made an elaborate play of it), intellectually fun to chat with (he was studying law and philosophy)!. I eventually realised that that Libra man I was dating was all hot air!. Pun fully intended!. A flake of the highest order who did his utmost to avoid any hint of a 'difficult' situation!.

Impressive to look at too - 6'1 1/2 tall, dark, matinee idol handsome, charming - but little emotional substance, except when it concerned solely himself of course!.

The physical intimacy was great because he liked a bit of aggression and my taking the lead!. My kisses made him fall into a dreamy swoon!. The more 'masculine' parts in my chart likes nothing better than a captive/slightly submissive audience!. But love isn't only about s**, is it!?

I don't think it's possible to leave an indelible imprint on an Air Sign - unless you're another Air Sign!. Or blonde and blowsy!. :)Www@Enter-QA@Com

i think pisces and libra are great, even though it says they're incompatible, i think this will work for a while because libras are the "romantic" ones of the zodiac!. my sister is a libra, and she has dated scorpios, and others, and from what i can see its great chemistry!.

but, libras are big talkers, they like to socialize, so they might get a little annoying for a pisces!.

sagittarius and libra are also great!. fire needs air!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

I'm a Pisces guy, my ex was a Libra, strong mutual sexual attraction, but be warned; Libras are the sluts of the zodiac, not just my ex GF, but one of my best guy friends is Libra and two of my mothers best friends were Libra, sluts all!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Go to this website:

I hope this helps:)
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Good Luck:)Www@Enter-QA@Com

I am a pisces and i dated two libra girls and i can tell you that at first the attraction will seem almost magnetic , but as things get further on it just gets more and more annoying ,Www@Enter-QA@Com

Sagittarius and Libra are a great match!. Pisces and Libra usually make for a passionate relationship!. Lots of ups and downs!.

SIDEBAR: Are you and your friend both trying to holler at the same guy!?Www@Enter-QA@Com

A Sag and a Libra could work out, but it just depends how much tolerance that specific Libra have!. B/c eventually, the Libra will find the Sag annoying!Www@Enter-QA@Com

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