If a person has the focal point of their chart in their midheaven...?!

Question: If a person has the focal point of their chart in their midheaven!.!.!.!?
Let's say, Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus in the 10th house!.

Would this imply that they will not feel fully comfortable with themselves, or their place in their life, until they have fully matured!. Like!.!.!.something is always lacking!? Well, more so than other young people!.

Midheaven in SagWww@Enter-QA@Com

I have heard that this midheaven emphasis could be interpreted as that; since the midheaven is essentially about the mature self-expression and what a person "becomes" as a adult, it can be inferred that a strong midheaven must indicate a childhood of hard knocks getting there!.!.!.

However, I have not found that to be true in all cases!. At least, as far as not feeling comfortable with oneself!.!.!.I've seen at least five charts with loaded midheavens where the person has had a strong and supportive childhood (indicated by solid placements in the 4th, moon and Saturn!.!.!.!.) and because of that, had a jump start on getting to that nice 10th house potential!. I have two charts on file that show a loaded 10th and the person spoke of an uncomfortable or awkward young adulthood!.

I could certainly see the possibility there!. I unfortunately don't have enough data to comfortably say that I support the theory, but it definitely bears more study!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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