What sings do you Pisces think we have the best relationships with?!

Question: What sings do you Pisces think we have the best relationships with!?
I'm not opposed to seeing what the charts say but I wonder more about personal experiences!.
Ill start by saying my best relationship was with a Libra, it was a lot of give and not much take!. I didn't care much because If she was happy then I was happy!.
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Scorpios!. Always are mysteries and fun to me :p !.!. I got a best friend which is a Scorpio for more than 10 years and we understand and love each other so much to the point that she would be my lover!.!. But i keep it as friendship (and stay straight) :p !. Then i found out lately about how compatible i am to Scorpios!. Some says its bad, it wont last but i say it's about the chart things (again)!. As long as we have fun and enjoy each other, i don't care if people going to thump down on me :p !. The truth is pisces still is the sign that understand scorpio the best among the other signs and i think its magically wonderful how two other individuals can connect without words, but soul!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Im a virgo and my last boyfriend was a pisces!. We are each others opposite signs and are supposed to be perfect for each other!. My relationship was pretty amazing at times but he had other issues that didn't pertain to his sign!. The funny thing is that his mother was married twice and the second husband is a pisces and she is a virgo! they love each other very much and have great chemistry! they are perfect for each other!. I believe when my boyfriend gets himself together we will be back together and florish!Www@Enter-QA@Com

well i think it more depends on the person, Pisces woman are very complicated!. and sometimes you have to walk on eggshells around thier feeling for they are easily hurt!. im a sagitarius man and i dated a pises woman for 3 years were sorta just friends now trying to work on getting back together!. However this it what you have in store for youself in a pisces woman!. They live in somewhat of a fantasy world and you will never know who they really are!. they are deceptive but not to hurt!. they simply like to keep somethings to themselves!. Now myself im a sagitarius a fire sign i am brutally honest and i expect the same from my partner so it took alot of adjusting on my part!. also they need to escape every now and then what i mean by this is!.!.!. they need to be alone to recharge if you!. because the upside is they are to most caring sign and they will take on the problems of others friends spouses as there own!. almost to where they feel what that person is feeling!. So i believe that its not really a sign that determines compatability ( it does provide insight though)!.!. more so how well you know the person and what your willing to sacrifice!. But i would read up on pisces man or woman so that you kow how to go about them, Now you will get mixed opinions if you google compatability!. but all the sights will give you somewhat mixed opinions!. All of them will say scopios, cancers, are best for pisces!. But after knowing alot of scorpios!.!.!. when one decieves them that stinger will surley stike back and they will never forgive pisces deceptiveness!. Now my best matches are Leo and Aries!. My ex was an aries and it didnt work out!. So my point is astrology is a good tool but use as just that, but use your own intuition and dont allow astrology to dispell or encourage a future relationship!. Feel your way threw it!. Oh one more thing when you do google it, google just pisces female rather then how your sign matches up with that person!. this will help you get to know how they are a bit better rather than how yer sign matches!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Scorpios fascinate us with their mystery and brooding!. They, almost exclusively, can hold our attention for hours!.

Virgos balance us extremely well!. They educate us as to the things we are usually ignorant of (all this middling personal politics stuff), and in turn, we show them a brand new, wonderful, care-free world: ours!.

Pisces with Pisces is intense, and there is just about enough romantic feelings there to make anyone gag!.!.!. Problem is, bills don't get paid, food doesn't get bought, chores don't get done!.!.!. Not practical!. lolWww@Enter-QA@Com

i'm a pisces!.!.!.
my best relationship was with a sagittarius guy!. we're still friends until now!. we still care a lot about each other!. people usually say fire and water don't mix very well but i think i'm an exception to that rule!. my whole chart is made up of fire!.
scorpio is too critical and emotionally abusive to me!.!. bleh!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

i'm a sagittarius and my fiance is a pisces!. Besides her!.!.!. In the workplace, as well as family, i tend to find that my best friends are usually pisces!. So i think Sagittarius and Pisces!.!.!. Besides Pisces is Ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, like we're ruled by Jupiter :-"Www@Enter-QA@Com

Scorpio, cancer, taurus and capricorn!.


Scorpio, for me!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

i think us pisces get along good with pisces, virgo @ capricorn's!Www@Enter-QA@Com

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