How do you read timing during cartomancy?!

Question: How do you read timing during cartomancy!?
For example, if you're doing the Horseshoe spread using 21 cards, (or 7 sets of 3) and each of the 7 sections represents something different
(like the first one is you, the second your family, the third your friends, what you expect, unexpected, and then the outcome)

Are there ways to judge timing besides the outcome cards!?Www@Enter-QA@Com

Yep!. Although, timing in Tarot or other forms of cartomancy, require paying attention to your intuition, but there are also set seasons for each suit!.

Swords= winter
Wands= spring
Pents= summer
cups= autum

It's safe to assume also that:

Swords will represent a "cold" time, or somewhere in the distant future!. Wands will represent a speedy process, or somewhere in the very near future!. Pents will represent a slow progression, or somwhere between weeks and months!. And cups will represent a fertile time, and will be in the next several days!.

So, let's take the suit of cups!. Let's say for instance that you ask about when you will be getting that job interview, and you pull out the seven of cups!. You could safely assume that that interview would either be this coming spring, or in the next seven days!. However, with the symbolism present in this card, whatever catches your eye is your definition!. So, what if the castle in one of the cups catches your eye in regards to this question!? You could think that yes, it could be in the next seven days, but it since castles represent fortitude and stability, it won't be exactly in seven days!. It could be seven days plus a few more, because the fortitude it's talking about is called patience!.

Anyway, the whole basic concept of timing in the Tarot can be rather complicated!. It's why why many Tarot readers don't use it very often!. Plus, the future is changeable, so!.!.!.!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

"The Cartomancer's Key" quoting "Fortune Telling by Cards" :

"There is a speculative method of telling timeframes by way of Playing Cards as reported by Foli, and reproduced here!. This method employs a Reduced Deck or Romany Deck, which contains Kings, Queens, Jacks, Aces, and cards 10 through 7; but from which 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 are ommitted for all suits!.

Let the question be asked by the inquirer, then let the dealer take the pack of thirty-two cards, which must be shuffled and cut in the usual manner!. The dealer throws out the first eleven cards, which are useless, and proceeds to turn up the others upon the table!. The answer is determined by the absence or presence of the special cards applying to each question among the exposed twenty-one!.
We will give some examples!. Suppose the question to be:—
"How far off is the wedding!?"
The needful cards in this case are the queen of spades, who should come out with or near the queen of hearts, and the ace of spades, which should accompany the eight of diamonds!. These must be taken in conjunction with the other eights — each of which signifies a year; the four nines — each of which stands for a month; and the four sevens — each of which represents a week!. Supposing the above-named cards — the two queens, the ace of spades, and the eight of diamonds — should not come out in due order, or be absent altogether, it may be feared that the date is postponed to vanishing point!."Www@Enter-QA@Com

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