How is my year ahead?!

Question: How is my year ahead!?
H folks,
DOB: 30!.05!.1974, TOB: 10:30 PM, POB: Karimnagar, AP,
Gender: Male
my Moon Sign is Virgo & Star is Hasta 1 Pada {don't know my Ascendant}!.
Plz let me know about financial & family predictions!.!.!.!.
Thanks in advance!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

ur a gemini if ur born in may As a Gemini, you possess an amazing ability to see dualities -- the pros and cons of situations as change approaches -- and to quickly and efficiently think them through before making any decisions!. In 2009, you dare to look deeply into your desires, regenerate self-awareness and recognize psychological ambiguities!. This will bring balance into your home and family life!. Pay attention to the details as you bring your inner and outer life into harmony!. And be sure to enjoy the changes occurring within you!

As you come to terms with yourself, you are able to see a more fulfilling purpose in life, and your field of experience broadens!. Focus on matters that affect you most deeply and, like magic, your life will become easier and things will seem to take care of themselves!. You have all the necessary resources and motivation to make tangible changes and achieve results this year!.

Toward the end of the year, you'll have time to enjoy yourself, and to bask in a great sense of accomplishment!. With the expansive and idealistic energy flowing throughout 2009, Gemini is very comfortable in this age of new awareness and high-mindedness!.

VirgoWonderful things are in store for you this year, Virgo! You're experiencing tremendous feelings of rebirth and, as you release old ways of expressing yourself, you'll find yourself walking into all kinds of new experiences!. Virgo loves to make sure everything is clear, concise and methodical, and this will help make it easy for you to graciously receive and beautifully adapt to the growth you are experiencing!. You'll feel very peaceful with the changes happening both inside and outside of you, and you welcome the opportunity to express the new knowledge you gain!.

There's a renaissance going on within you that seems to have been asleep for sometime now!. You discover where the doorway is and are ready to consciously find new meaning in your life, and to manifest who you are in your own way!. Mentally, culturally, instinctually and spiritually, you'll be going through incredible transformation this year!. Your fresh take on life will give you the ability to manifest a new reality!. You take a big leap forward as you share these changes with others!.

A re-emergence of your inventive and creative self will give you new ways of taking action and bringing your talents into the world!. You will feel secure, safe and centered, which allows you to achieve anything you want in your life!. You will feel more spiritually balanced in 2009 than ever before!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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