When you RELOCATE far away, do TRANSITS affect your "Relocated Birth Chart&!

Question: When you RELOCATE far away, do TRANSITS affect your "Relocated Birth Chart" or your "Original Birth Chart"!?
I disagree in some points about relocation chart being minor!.False!!!!
How come peole move from overseas and land in America and strike it rich !?
The aspects stay the same but it is better to have a stressful fall in a house where you can deal with it!. As for transits, I base them on the natal chart as well like Aspicco states!. But, the interpretation has to be done in the house where the relocation chart is!. In other words, your natal house transit will express itself in the new house and THAT is where the modification takes place!.

If you have a transit in your natal Ascendant, and that Transit falls in your 2nd house in the relocation chart, than your energy and personal desires will be geared towards finance, money!.!.!.etc

Ex!.!.!. Mars in 1st natal arouses the temper and stimulates the desire but if it lands in the 2nd house of the relocation chart, it tends to impulsive expenditure, extravagance and some waste!.

Basically, you have to take the natal transit and combine the interpretation with the house it falls in the relocation chart!. Otherwise, why use progressions, and Solar returns if the new position of the natal Asc!. & MC fall in specific house of the Solar return !? That is what determines if a year will be important according to where these houses fall and their rulers!.

My 2 cents!.!.!.!.:-)Www@Enter-QA@Com

In my years of professional astrology, I have found a relocation chart to be a minor effect!. If you are a truck driver in England, moving to California will not suddenly make you a ballet dancer!.

The only thing that truly changes in a relocation chart is the house position of the planets!. If you have Moon square Pluto, you have it wherever you move!. If you have a Sun trine Uranus, it stays trined everywhere on the globe!. A Saturn Return in Virgo is a Saturn Return in Virgo wherever you go!. So only one part of the natal interpretation changes when you relocate!.

So for me, I read all transits to the natal position first, and then add a little adjustment for relocation!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

I hope not, our natal charts and transits are complicated enough!. Applying it to our relocation charts would make it too complicated!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

ummm dont know!. nice t!ts!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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