Am I the only one who finds astrology a waste of time?!

Question: Am I the only one who finds astrology a waste of time!?
It's absurd really!. How can you be sure one type of astrology is the right one!? Where's your reference, proof!? Why is it that some people can look at their natal chart and think it is nothing like them!? Why are twins completely different!? Why are there so many house systems!? So many, you just can't be positive as to which one is correct!.

Why is it that two unrelated people, born in the same place and the same time grow up to be completely different!. One being a drug dealer / self-pitying addict and the other being a loving life / conceited ladies man!.

Both are Scorpio Sun / Virgo Moon / Scorpio Mercury / Virgo Venus / Scorpio Mars / Virgo Jupiter / Chiron in Leo / Ascendant in Aquarius!. Both born 11:45 am, one, my brother a ladies man, the other my best friend!. Strange coincidence!? Yes, but only a coincidence!.

Think about it!. It's like religion!. There's several types!.
Persian / Islamic
Western / Tropical / Natal (probably the most popular)

I've done charts for friends, I tell them about themselves, and more often than not they deny what I have to say about their temperaments!. Out of the 10 people I know that I've done charts for!.

5 of them prefer chinese astrology and see that the "outer animal" / year, "inner animal" / month, and "outer animal" / hour suits them more because it's much simpler!. 2 actually believe that the western astrology charts fit them, and the other 3 prefer the vedic astrology!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

@You asked: "Am I the only one who finds astrology a waste of time!?"

Probably not!. We all decide for ourselves what is a waste of time to us!. I love mathematics and spend a great deal of time on the subject, but many persons find it a waste of time for themselves!.

@You asked: "It's absurd really!. How can you be sure one type of astrology is the right one!? Where's your reference, proof!?"

Any person who studies astrology in detail usually finds the system which seems to be the most accurate for interpretation!. I have no proof other than what I've studied in books, or what charts I've done which bear out that astrology is accurate enough to warrant more research on my part!. I'm a scientist, and most of my peers disdain astrology without even studying it, but I try to keep an open mind!.

@You asked: "Why is it that some people can look at their natal chart and think it is nothing like them!?"

Perhaps for the same reason that many persons deny a diagnosis from a doctor or clinical trial researcher!. I'm not saying that is always the case, but you would be surprised how many persons deny a medical evaluation they are given, especially when the evaluation involves their personality or habits!.

@You asked: "Why are twins completely different!?"

I've seen evidence of two sets of twins who were separated from each other by circumstance at birth, and still having great similarities when united later on in life!. I've also read of such cases!. I've read about ones who are completely different!. I would say that there could be a number of reasons!. I know twins who are close, and others who rebel against each other so much that they go out of their way to be different!. also, you should keep in mind that astrology is not a prime directive which must be followed!. Astrology indicates likelihood of certain traits and events!.

@You asked: " Why are there so many house systems!?"

The answer to why there are so many house systems is the same for why there's so many languages in the world!. Like languages, astrology systems have arisen from different groups of people!.

@You asked: "Think about it!. It's like religion!? There's several types!?"

How does that support your point of view!? Like I said, consider how many civilizations there have been in history, and how many languages and religions!.

Edit: @@
You asked: "Iris, so how can you be sure which one is the right one!? House systems!. Not astrology systems!. The Placidus system is not the only one out there!."

I've studied most of the systems but not all of them!. Of the ones I've studied, I find all of them to be accurate in the interpretations!. On the ones I haven't studied, I can't make a judgment!. Currently, I'm involved with the one which is most often used in the discussions on Y!Answers, since I have wanted to take part in the discussions!.

I'm trying hard to discern what it is you want from us!? Are you overwhelmed by all the different types, or do you feel that astrology is totally useless!? If it's the former, then I completely relate!. If it's the latter, then that is your opinion, and that's fine!.

You are saying that so many persons you know like different types!.!.!. Chinese, Western, Vedic and so on!.!.!.
Keep in mind that they may relate to the way those versions are written!. I like the writers of Chinese and Western astrology, but I tend not to connect as much to those who write about Vedic!. Suzanne White is one of my favorite writers!. She does an excellent job of writing about Chinese/Western blend!. Others on here have told me they do not care for her writing!.

Go with what impresses you, and if the impression is entirely negative, then it is definitely a waste of time for you!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

If you find it such a waste of time, why be here in the horoscope section!?
Everyone has their own ideas of how to utilize their time!. And, that is their decision, not yours!. It is not a matter of what is "right" or "wrong", only personal preference!. You have your personal preferences, and it is only logical that others are entitled to theirs!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Do you have a REAL question or are you looking for emotional validation!? ;)

It is my time to waste in any manner I choose!.

*Ok, then don't waste your time!. It is your time!. Do whatever you want with it!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

No, I waste a lot of time on it too!.!.!.!.

Mostly answering questions!. Like this one!.!.!.but I digress!.!.!.

I bet it took you more than 5 minutes to draft that missive, didn't it!?

**I'm sorry I didn't answer your other questions!.!.!.!.I got bored after the first one and just kind of wandered off!.!.!.!.!.!.**Www@Enter-QA@Com

All I know is I'm a Pisces!. But on Wikpedia it says that that is only on one type of chart, on another I think I'm something else, but I like being a Pisces! But, part of it, yes; people really stero-type here!. There are people asking why so and sos are so so and so!. It gets on my nerves, and others asking if it's impossible for a so and so to get on!. It's irritating, sometimes!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Sure, if people consult without finding a good astrologer, they would think that astrology is a waste of time!.
It is surely not when the guidance comes from a person who knows astrology!.
You may change your opinion if you take a free online horoscope at www!.YourNetAstrologer!.com
The life of twins is different because their ascending degree is different!. Due to different ascending degree the planets may influence in significantly different manner and that is why the life of the twins is different!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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