Mercury opposite Mercury in synastry?!

Question: Mercury opposite Mercury in synastry!?
Can they find common ground!?

examples plz!.


In my experience, it's exciting!. I don't usually agree on subjects with persons having Mercury in my opposite sign, but they are the ones I learn the most from over time!.

I've met many persons who have Mercury opposition mine!. On first impression, I usually think they are too analytical and stuffy!. Once I am around them more, I'm so intrigued by the difference that I can't resist getting to know the person better!. One of the persons I work with has Mercury opposition mine!. He told me that when he first met me during a production meeting, he thought I was daydreaming or not listening to the work discussion involving a retrofit job!. He described to me how shocked he was when I walked up to the main board and wrote out the answer to the retrofit dilemma!. I have Mercury in Pisces, and I don't think out problems the way a Mercury in Virgo does!. Mercury in Pisces might be staring out a window or lost in thought, but those thought processes can be working on a solution or creating an essay!.

My son has Mercury in exact opposition to my Mercury!. (My Saturn is in exact conjunction with his Mercury!.!.!. astrology is just such coincidences, lol!.)

It's safe to say that my son is the opposite of me in how he thinks, studies, plans and communicates!. When we discuss work, religion, politics or science, it is a lively discussion and a trade of different ideas!. Like I said before, we rarely agree, but we learn so much from each other in the process!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Of course!. I have Taurus Mercury 29 degrees and my best friend has Scorpio Mercury 17 degrees!.

We see everything eye to eye and the things that we do disagree on (rare), we don't even wanna talk about because we're crazy about our opinions!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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