Psychics: what did the dr find that he is so concerned about?!

Question: Psychics: what did the dr find that he is so concerned about!?
thats strange why would you worry about a baby!?

May herald the birth of a child!.
The card on the bottom represents thought - the analytical process of organizing the project and capturing the emotional content of the previous card!. This is the science or vision of the undertaking!. Six of Swords (Science): Trusting in intelligence and intuition and setting off into the unknown!. Leaving an untenable situation and charting a new course!. Passage from difficulty and progress towards a solution!. The road to recovery!. Travel and exploration!.
The card on the right represents manifestation - the real work involved in completing the project, and the form it will take upon culmination!. This is the painting or touch of the undertaking!. The Empress: The essence of femininity and matriarchy!. Creativity, productivity, and the foundation of civilization!. Initiative and practical actions that promote prosperity, comfort and luxury!. Fruitfulness and motherhood!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

wow, can people really tell without seeing you!?!!?!!? SWEETWww@Enter-QA@Com

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