Venus in Capricorn 23.05 R? What does that mean?!

Question: Venus in Capricorn 23!.05 R!? What does that mean!?
Venus retrograde!.!.!.!. its effects are reversed basically!. The spirit is energized, causing retrograde Venus to resemble the qualities of Mars!.
The native is much more aggressive, but also has the ability to acquire material possessions, although it will incline toward business reversals for a while!.
When you interpret Venus retrograde, it is important to see how far she is separated from the Sun!.
Having said this, this type often have a sense of being complex within themselves, of being autonomous and independent from the worldly design of senses, values and relationships!. Women with Venus retrograde are more connected with their masculine animus!. They have difficulty in separating their own needs from what is expected of them , so they frequently retreat - either into ascetic denial of bodily needs and visceral demans, or into the sensual aspects of life!. The possible manifestations are numerous ranging from multiple relationships to virtual monkism!.

You are acutely aware of how the values they witness in their environment differe greatly from their own feelings of what is right and wrong!. The ability to relate to people on a superficial level is almost non-existent and the world of relationships and values is viewed through either an exalted lens, or a jaded glass - the body and its physical, visceral needs is highly responsive and primitive, while the philosophy is often in conflict!.

Venus in Capricorn denotes hindrances and delays to marriage and also the probablility of some peculiar love affairs for you are somewhat fickle, and yet, liable to be involved in strange attachments probably with older persons!. Jealousy may cause you to suffer keenly for when your affections are awakened you will become remarkably attached!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

I have a venus in capricorn too!. Here:

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Venus in Capricorn
You have a fine sense of appreciation and are very attentive!. You love to help out and take care of others, expressing a first-rate sense of compassion!. You possess an almost infinite ability to respond to the needs and demands of others!. Fragile, refined, you are perhaps too prudish!.

Venus in Capricorn the Tenth House sign, gives social success and popularity, but Venus does not blend well with Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn!. There is therefore a slight tendency to melancholy in people who have Venus in that position, Nor are they ever secure in the favors which they receive from other people or in their popularity, for Saturn has a tendency to throw them down when they have reached the highest pinnacle!. Therefore, though this influence may help them to climb the ladder of advancement in social circles or in business they are never safe in their position!. This influence makes a person very jealous of honor and he takes it to heart when sometimes Saturn throws him down!. Venus in Saturn 's sign often causes the person to disregard the fact that disparity in ages is so fatal to happiness in marriage and hence if he marries young he takes someone who is much older than himself for a partner or if married in later years he selects someone who is still in the bloom of youth with the almost inevitable result that disagreement and dissolution of the marriage tie take place in the course of a few years!. Frequently also people with this position of Venus marry for business or as a matter of convenience!. In short Venus never reaches her legitimate expression of love in Saturn 's House and therefore such unions are always a source of sorrow and disappointment to the contracting parties!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

That means that the planet Venus is in the constellation Capricorn!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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