Impossible Riddles, I Dare Ya = 10 Points!!!?!

Question: Impossible Riddles, I Dare Ya = 10 Points!!!!?
These are WTFH puzzles, What the *** happened!?

You have to guess the story behind each situation!.

1) A woman is hanging from a tree, covered in feathers, unconscious, wearing a smexy uniform of sorts!. She has a bullet graze on her arm!.

2)A man lies dead in his car, at the bottom of a valley, the car isn't heavily damaged, mainly the wheels are popped, but the man's head is bashed against the windshield, with his skull cracked open!. No one can get to the car because of all the poisonous snakes in the valley!.

3) A man is in a car, going 3 times the legal speed limit, and he is obviously intoxicated, and constantly hurling out the window!. There is a cop car right behind him, in excellent condition, with two cops inside, who see him perfectly, they are on the same road, there is nothing between the two cars, and they are the only two cars on the road!. And they're good cops, not dirty slimeballs

4) A man in the front of the room, lays dying, spasming, and 30 people watch him frightened, not knowing what to do!. Then seeing one of his peer's slighty blue water bottle in the garbage can, one of the students runs to the closet, grabs an extremily volatile acid that dissolves soda cans to liquid, and pours the beaker down the man's throat, saving his life!.

10 points for best answer after a little while,
but you deserve 50 for each one you get right!.

Ill post answers after 15 wrong answers from you guys, unless one of you geniuses solves it first!? Star me if you found these hard!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

3-he's in another cops car!?
4-it's oxygenWww@Enter-QA@Com

OK stupid answers but i tried

1) some-one went duck hunting!?

2) He felt like visiting!?

3) uh what!? the coppers caught him i suppose

4) whats in the beaker!? doesn't say that acid stuff


1: The stupid whore!? i guess!.!.!.

2: shi*head

no clue

no clueWww@Enter-QA@Com


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