What is your funniest drug experience?!

Question: What is your funniest drug experience!?
just tell a story of drug use and what happened,
some ideas:
banged a chick, got caught, ran from the cops, etc etc

please keep it truthful!.

this can be ANY drug, prefferably not the lame ones like cough syrup, i would say no weed either, but idk ive had some good stories with it :)Www@Enter-QA@Com

okay so my friend and i arent those stupid kind of people when we're drunk, baked, or on e, coke, but we tried acid it was kinda like shrooms but anyway we started tripping i looked at my buddy lets call him cole, he didnt look so good and i felt like rubber, could barley breathe, had a laugh attack all that crazy $h!t, so we go to a chinese folk fest and he yells "HOLY F*CK LOOK AT EM GO@!!" and hes jumping up and down pointing so i grab him and we leave he says "hey, wtf are you doing!? where we going!?!?'' we go pick up my buddy whos also trippping on this stuff we call blotter, we decide to go get some subway, by this time i was out of my body i couldnt think of anything i remember bits and pieces, i buy a sub that took a while, got a slurpee and cole and my other buddy get the same thing, we're walking back to my buddies house and a radom person tells us that we stole s part from his car and he saw us do it, we tell him to f*ck off and stick a ballon in his **** and let a big one rip and see what happens he starts chasing us so cole screams help!!!!! and we're like THIS CRAZY BAS TARD is chasing us cuz he thinks we stole something of his, we end up losing our friend so its just me and cole, we're laughing our heads off walking down a busy street so we decide to move to the next street, because theres no car lights and less noise, he says "MONTE YOU NEED TO ALL DETOX I THINK IM ON ACID!" i say "you ARE on acid, why would i wanna call a rehab!? i dont even know their number" and he screams "911!!!!!!!!!!!!" and thats about all he heads home and i go buy another slush, it ws 3 amWww@Enter-QA@Com

We were in the army base camp on a Sunday!. No one was there except us!. So some of us got high on alcohol, some on other "stuff"!.

One big guy went over to my officer's water bottle and peed in it!. We were all dying when we saw the officer drank it the next day!

One drunk guy was masturbating in the toilet and his *** flew into his mouth! Eeeew!Www@Enter-QA@Com

A bunch of friends and I went up to a construction site, sat inside a house and got soooo baked that we could barely stand, - note that this was my first time in a long time - I couldn't stop laughing at everything!. I tried so hard not to laugh and I just couldn't stop!.

Not fantastic, but still funny to me!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

we'll when my dad was drunk he took his pants off and hugged the public toilet than putted his!.!.!. in the water of the toilet!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

never done drugs! and i will never do them!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

was smoking weed back when I was doing art (doing journo now) and it was just me and a friend!. Whatever way she inhaled the joint she took way too much and blew it back out,but she was trying to say something at the same time and I burst out laughing and fell off the bed I was smoking on and laughed for a goof fiteen minuites nin stop all the time my tummy killing me from laughing!.

Or when I woke up after a night of getting stoned with my friend and we both opened our eye at the same moment that morning looking right at one another!.!.!.!.and then I just whispered creepily!.!.!."Make another one" so we got stoned in the garage!.

One of my friends is into the hard stuff and hallucinated a crow following him around for the night!.!.it was funny to watch him trip:):):):)Www@Enter-QA@Com

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