Can someone tell me about the 'Twilight Fight' story in Life & Style Mag!

Question: Can someone tell me about the 'Twilight Fight' story in Life & Style Magazine!?
I live in England so can't buy the magazine, but saw on the internet about a fight between the director of Twilight and Robert Pattinson and also Stephenie Meyer!. Can someone please tell me what it was all about!?Www@Enter-QA@Com

I bought the magazine to read after I saw this story on the front cover!. Apparently the second movie is looking to be released by 2009 or early 2010!. The director (Catherine Hardwicke) did not feel like that was enough time to bring her vision of the movie to the screen, so she is not going to direct New Moon!.
However, insiders are claiming that it is because Hardwicke was not happy that Meyer and Pattinson had opinions!. Hardwicke wanted to beef up Edward's role in the movie, but Meyer wants it to stay true to the book!.
also apparently there was facebook hoax in which someone pretending to be Robert alluded to hooking up with Kristin Stewart!. But that person was revealed to be an impersonator!.
Hope that answered your question!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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