Calling all readers of Bizarre magazine (U.K. issue...only one, i think)?!

Question: Calling all readers of Bizarre magazine (U!.K!. issue!.!.!.only one, i think)!?
What is written ON THE SPINE of issue 120!? It is missing from my collection!.!.!.example: on the spine of issue of Bizarre 119 there is a quote saying ''I felch wombats for Charlie Manson'' (makes sense if you read the mag!.!.!.honestly!!.!.!.!.cheers and have fun!.!.!.and read Bizarre!.!.it truly lives up to it's name!.!.!.!.but the old issues are the best!!Www@Enter-QA@Com

and i have that copy missing too! I have everyone from 125 onwards but not 120!. Good Luck!. Try e mailing the mag!. They are bizarre, but decent, folk!Www@Enter-QA@Com

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