AHH I got to make an Elizabethan magazine !!!?!

Question: AHH I got to make an Elizabethan magazine !!!!?
help! i already wrote an editorial about the topic my teacher gave and i chose Christopher Columbus!. now i have to make an old looking magazine that has to do with those times!. can you give me some ideas of what to put in it!? and it should all reflect the era!. ay ay ay it is due on monday and im so stressed !! X(Www@Enter-QA@Com

Do a beauty and fashion page - get some stuff from the internet for what ladies and blokes wore - wigs for both sexes, doublet and hose for the men, ruffs etc!. Give beauty advice to women; lead to whiten the skin, patches to cover blemishes, beetles blood (maybe!?) to redden the cheeks!. What about 'Ten Tips To Beat The Plague!'!? Do a couple of adverts, maybe one for pomanders to carry around to disguise the stink prevalent at the time, and a review of the latest Shakespeare play at London's Globe theatre!. You have access to the internet, so the world is at your fingertips! Magazines did not exist in Elizabethan times, so you really can't go wrong!Www@Enter-QA@Com

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