Does anyone actually like Nickelback?!

Question: Does anyone actually like Nickelback!?
I am not saying that anyone is a bad person or even has bad taste in music if they like Nickelback!. (We all guilt pleasures after all!.) I am just asking if their are any hardcore Nickelback fans out there!?

So are there any grown adults who MUST see Nickelback in concert when ever the opertunity arises!? Who will wax semi-intilecual about the meaning of Nickelback Lyrics!? Anyone who owns multiple Nickelback t-shirts!? Or anyone who would dump a loved for their lack of shared interest in Nickelback!? Someone who places the music stylings of Chad Kroger (sp!?) above all other musicians!? Maybe someone who has a Nickelback mural on the hood of their car or side of their van!? Anyone!?Www@Enter-QA@Com

I am from Hanna, where Chad, Mike and Ryan are from, so I sort of have an obligation to like them!. I will say that there are in fact not that many songs since Silver Side Up that are actually good!. There is only one song on The Long Road that I will listen to (See You At The Show)!. There are only two I'll listen to on All The Right Reasons (Rock Star and Far Away)!. I have Dark Horse, but I have't listened to it yet!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

if you dont like there newer stuff, you should try listening to "the state" it's got like a 90's alternative feel to it!.Seriously, it's good!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

I wouldn't consider myself hardcore, either, but yes, I do like Nickelback!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

I f*cking hate Nickelback!. I cannot stand his voice!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

No, I'm not hardcore as you explain, but I do enjoy their music!.!.!.they have a good sound!Www@Enter-QA@Com

They are allright!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

I like them, but like a few others I'm not hardcore about itWww@Enter-QA@Com

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