Do you subscribe to Parents Magazine?!

Question: Do you subscribe to Parents Magazine!?
If so, do you read the entire magazine or just the sections that pertain to you and your child!?

And did you receive (and read) the January 2009 issue yet!?

There is a certain article I'd like to post a question about but can't seem to find the link for it through their website!.

Any suggestions!?Www@Enter-QA@Com

I do!.!.!.and usually I tend to flip through the thing until I find an article that pertains to us!.

Which article was it!?

So far I read a sleep one they had in this last issue that was pretty good!.

I read that one too!! Married mom's bitching about our husbands to the single mom that would have been happy to have one around to bitchabout!.!.!.

I never thought about it like that until I read that!.!.!.

Here' it is


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