Which celebrities do you think are average looking, but are referred to as "!

Question: Which celebrities do you think are average looking, but are referred to as "hot" by others!? !?
for guys they are
George cloony
Justin timberlak
The Jonas Brothers(sorry to their fans but i had to mention them)

For females
Miley Cyrus
Angelina Jolie
Talor Swiff
Ashley Tisdale
Keira Knightley
Cheryl cole

I know beauty is the eye holder but i think these celebreties looks average to me!.Nothing specialWww@Enter-QA@Com

I agree with you mostly, but I think Angelina Jolie is ugly, not average!. Paris Hilton is nothing special!. Kim Kardashian has a pretty face but is too fat, so that pulls her down to average overall!. Brad Pitt is over rated!. Wayne Knight isn't as handsome as some people say he is!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

defiantly Miley! she looks like she's getting a little overwieght to me! another one that isnt on that is Sarah Jessica Parker everyone thinks that she is so pretty but she's really not!. Same with Jenifer Aniston!. I also don't understand why Johnny Depp (sorry) it considered sexy as well as Hugh Jackman!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

I totally agree with your guys!. They don't have anything special in my book!. I agree with the females too!. I don't see what the big fuss is about Angelina in particular!. Some days she looks very pretty, others she's almost creepy!. I don't know!. I guess it's the cameras!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

You probably won't like me!.
Lindsay Lohan is very average-looking!.
so is Nicole ritchie and Taylor Swift !.

among guys , the jonas brothers !.!.very average!.

Miley Cyrus
Angelina Jolie
Ashley Tisdale
Keira Knightley -- all of them are very prettyWww@Enter-QA@Com

I agree with you on all of them except Angelina and possibly Keira!. If you saw an Angelina of the street, wouldn't you stop in your tracks!?! I certainly would!Www@Enter-QA@Com

Forget the wrapping paper, look inside the box ;-)Www@Enter-QA@Com

everyone is average until they put on all that makeup!.!.!.yuck! :(Www@Enter-QA@Com

yah i say lindsay lohanWww@Enter-QA@Com

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