Help making a magazine?!

Question: Help making a magazine!?
i need 2 make a magazine 4 school
it has to be 20 slides on power point
and it can be about anything
but i dont know what i should include in mine
like it has to be different articles
any suggestions on what i could do it about
& im not doing sports, music, or fashion
and dont just tell me do it about news or something
be specific!.

PowerPoint is an usual way to produce a magazine, but !.!.!.!.

20 slides equals 20 pages, and let's assume you will not have any advertising!. You will need a cover, and that must sell your magazine!. It will need to include the masthead (name of your magazine) and a headline (usually the most important story)!. You can also include two or three smaller headlines that refer to other stories inside!.

Aim to have one story of about 5 or 6 pages as your main story, a couple of stories that are 2 pages in length and 5 or 6 single pages!. You can also include an editorial column (an opinion piece written by you as the editor)!.

As for subjects, the main things are to write about something you know and something you are interested in!. You said you do not want to include sport, music or fashion so how about travel, business or people!? Why not to a city magazine for the place you live!?

Images are important, and they will also reduce the number of words you will need to write, but don't use so many that it ends up looking like a photo album!. Pictures should lead people into your stories!.

I hope this helps!. Good luck!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Uh you just got rid of everything! News is whats normally in magazines!. Or do you want a playboy!?

If i were you i would go on google and look in their news section

Good luck!Www@Enter-QA@Com

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