Time's "Man of the year" 2008 was just named - where and when can !

Question: Time's "Man of the year" 2008 was just named - where and when can I get a copy of that particular magazine!?
I assume it will be published within the next couple of weeks!. When it comes out you can get it anywhere where you find magazines (Walmart, grocery store, newstand etc)!. Good luck!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

I am sure you can find then in any sleazy place you look, near the garbage cans!.

I just read about Time's Man of the Year and I have to agree that they picked a good person!. The 2nd place went to Sarah Palin, and that too was a good pick, but when you read the on line write up, it totally sucked!. It was so one sided, filled with 1/2 truths, they repeated all the lies the left told and never indicated they they were lies!. I will never buy a copy of TIME ever again!.

I have no problem with their choices it was just the LEFT, COOL-AID, drinking comments they made!. Guess you can tell who I listen to on TV and radio by that last comment!. Time is neither fair or balanced, they are FAR LEFT NUTS!.

PS Check Wal-Mart they have plenty of copies!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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