German magazine that is delivered in the Us?!

Question: German magazine that is delivered in the Us!?
I want to subscribe to a teen magazine, that has mostly music and things of that source in German!. Like Bravo magazine but i figured that they don't deliver here in the Us!. Does anyone know of a german magazine similar to Bravo that can be delivered here!? It doesn't necessarily need to be a teen magazine, I am over 18, it just has to be about music and such!.


I'm an exchange student in the U!.S from Germany in High School!. So I have German3 there (I know stupid, but I get an A+ :D) And my teacher buys all this German magazines from a company in New York!.!.!.she just bought Glamour for half a year because I told her to :P You have Glamour here in America too so I don't think I have to explain you about what it it!.!.!.but it's actually another one!.!.!.made in Germany and in German and about GERMAN AND AMERICAN stuff ^^ I could ask my teache what company that is, cause at the mom I can't find it!.!.!.!.hope I helpes you :)Www@Enter-QA@Com

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