SeVenTeeN MaGaZiNe ReaDers?!

Question: SeVenTeeN MaGaZiNe ReaDers!?
You know those ads that are always at the back of the magazine!? I was just wondering if you have ever texted the code to get the backgrounds or the ringtones in that ad!. Do they like send you spam on your phone once they have your number!? Do you think it's safe!?
If not, or either way, do you know any sites where you can get free (and RISK free) ringtones and backgrounds!?


they are not actually free!.!.!.if u see from below there is a very fine print that says, "terms and conditions apply" and what are those, who knows!?
it is safe to download, but then again as i said they are not free!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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