Have you ever bought magazines from door to door sales person?!

Question: Have you ever bought magazines from door to door sales person!?
Yeah, so I think I just got completely ripped off, but this girls showed up at my door selling magazine subscriptions for a trip to Italy and for college books (yeah right) and I have two young children and to be honest she was nice but made me nervous!. She asked if she could hold my 7 month old and such, which I said no and I just wanted her away from my house so I gave her cash (yes I know!) for a magazine subscription!. I did get a receipt and I called the number and they said it was legit and if I don't receive my first magazine in a few weeks to call back!. The other problem is the girl ripped up the receipt after she asked me if I needed it for a tax write off!.!.!.! I have a receipt in 4 pieces!. The whole thing was strange and needless to say I "donated" $50 to a girl for who knows what!!! HaWww@Enter-QA@Com

Do what I do, look through the peephole!. If you don't know them, and they aren't wearing a uniform (FedEx, UPS, etc!.) walk away!. Too many crazy people!. I once heard the doorbell ring while I was in the shower, I walked out with my towel on to go see who it was, and I heard the person trying to open the door!. Thank god I locked it! I waited a few min (after getting dressed), and looked out the door to see who it was!. Some lady was walking from house to house!. Pretty suspicious!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

do not ever but anything from a salesman!

and no i nor my parents (i am 1 15 year old pregnant slut) haveWww@Enter-QA@Com

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