Where can i read the new AP magazine?!

Question: Where can i read the new AP magazine!?
i thought it would come to germany but it doesn't!. :(
does anybody have a link where i can read the WHOLE thing!? i cant find it on alternativepress!.com so idk where else to read the whole mag!.!.

You can order issues of AP at http://www!.altpress!.com/shop -- it's only $8 per issue mailed internationally!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

AP is a hype based magazine that focuses on hot-topic pop-punk bands!. do not read it!. what you should know is that the record companies saw how sucessful green day was and started churrning out these faux punks!. they did the same thing with nirvana(Rest in peace kurt Cobain)and look what we got!.!.!.Creed!. If you really like these bands then read one of the big pop/rock magazines such as spin, blender, or rolling stone!. they will give you a more realistic view of how mediocer these bands are!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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