Why does AP magazine completely ignore blue october?!

Question: Why does AP magazine completely ignore blue october!?
It's something I've always wondered!. Based on the spectrum of bands covered in the magazine, Blue October should be included!. But I've never even seen a brief mention!. Did I miss something!? Does anyone know why the band has been excluded!?Www@Enter-QA@Com

Many media outlets ignore Blue October!. Rolling Stone has never reviewed a Blue October album, and most radio stations (even "alternative" stations) in the country didn't play Blue October's music until 2006/2007 (many still don't) in spite of repeated fan requests to hear Blue October's songs!.

You can contact the publisher of AP at publisher@altpress!.com and voice your concerns!. They can be put in contact with Blue October's manager Paul Nugent (paul@rainmakerartists!.com) and Blue October's reps with Universal Records (Jay Wilson jay!.wilson@umusic!.com and Nicole Garvey nicole!.garvey@umusic!.com)Www@Enter-QA@Com

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