Boy pleaseeee :)?!

Question: Boy troublezzz!.!.!.!.!.!.help!?!?!?!? pleaseeee :)!?
ok well in the beginning of the year(sepember 15) i had this boyfriend named andrew!. i liked him so much!. i had almost my first kiss with him!. it was a kiss that was awesome and unforgettable!. but i didnt love him!. then i went out with this kid named parker!. and we were mad about each other!. but i didnt feel comfortable around him cuz he played a lot of sports and if he didnt get his way he would like yell at the coach!. and if he did get his way he would rub it in the other peoples faces pretty much!. But i loved him and i think i still do!. but i know i still like andrew andd parker!. but now im going out with this kid named steven!. and all 3 of them like me!. but i kissed andrew and parker and felt more of a spark with andrew!. but when i kissed parker!. i barely felt a spark!. but i loved him and not andrew!. and steven knows i like all 3 of them!. and doesnt like it!. and he knows a bunch of guys like me!. and doesnt feel comfortable with it!. i know this is long!. but i need help!. please!Www@Enter-QA@Com

love is stronger than pride so wen u love someone tel them and never let go!. love is a gift not an obligation follow your heart and always trust the the persons u LOVE;;;life provides us with many options go on or give up;hold on or let go;stay or leave but its comporting to know that GOD is remain faithful which ever way YOU GO GUDLUCK;GODBLESSWww@Enter-QA@Com


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