Have you seen MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D?!

Question: Have you seen MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D!?
if so!.!.how did u like it!? =D the most detailed gets best answer!Www@Enter-QA@Com

It was awesome!. i loved it!. It was gory which was cool!. The 3-d was amazing!. It blew my mind how cool it was!. When they walked through the forest, it made me feel like i was in a forest!. Some guy's jaw went flying towards the screen and people around me ducked like it was gonna hit them!. When they used flashlights and flashed towards the screen, it looked like they were flashing it at us!. also if you like nudity, it had one of the longest consecutive nude scenes i have ever seen!. There was a lot of full frontal female nudity, which was kinda weird in 3-d!. It was a great movie!. I HIGHLY recommend itWww@Enter-QA@Com

My Bloody Valentine is a great start!. It's fun, gory, doesn't spend too much time on the dialogue, because it understands we're wearing these ridiculous glasses for a reason! I really enjoyed it actually- and for someone who has watched so many slashers, the 3d did add some wonderful novel touches, so it felt like more than just a retread!. I know it's cool to bash remakes these days (and admittedly so many are very weak) but I much prefer this to the original- which seemed to plod along at quite a pedestrian pace, and besides the mining town setting, really didn't offer anything especially new!. This film is far tighter and doesn't take itself so seriously- it has its tongue-firmly-in-cheek!.

The only downsides are perhaps the stalk and kill sequence involving a naked lady!. I guess some horror fans like their nudity, but in a genre so often viewed as misogynistic, it didn't do itself any favours!. Admittedly the character is actually quite strong and fun- you don't feel her nudity weakens or humiliates her, but!.!.!. I dunno, perhaps pandering a little too much for the teenage boys!? Go catch this at the cinema, take a few friends, and enjoy an hour and a half of silly fun!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

I really liked it!. The 3D was awesome, and the plot was so over the top, you just had to laugh and have a great time!. Almost every kill made full use of the 3D effects, gore everywhere, but in a fun way!. It kept me guessing as to the killer the whole time, and the look on Ackles face when you find out!.!.!.for that alone I'll buy the dvd!. That naked chick was a great actor for someone naked!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

i L you <3 =]Www@Enter-QA@Com

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