Is James Bond a spy who is the same person through all his films or an alias for!

Question: Is James Bond a spy who is the same person through all his films or an alias for a MI5 agent!?
My brother and I had a discussion about this question, and we never resolved it, so is the name James bond a name for the guy working for MI5 with the title of 007 or is a man who has been working for MI5 for many years staying as cool and awesome as ever!? I think that its an alias because his face changes throughout the series and the casting crew are able to change the actor because he is different people (but sometimes the same) and my brother thinks he is one person who goes by the name James Bond!. Who is right!?Www@Enter-QA@Com

Unfortunately actors are only human, and all the money they possess and are willing to spend cannot stop them from aging!. Thus new actors to continue the legacy of 007 and to keep making films!. James Bond is not an alias, he is the one and only Bond, James Bond!. James Bond is a fictional character who is continued to be portrayed by different actors throughout time!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Bond is a singular character who works for !.!.!.MI-6, not -5!. -5 is internal security ala the US FBI, while -6 is foreign security ala the US CIA!.

If you read the books by Ian Fleming, then you find that James Bond was/is a wild youth who was expelled from Oxford, and so finished his education at Eton!. He joined the Royal Navy in WW II (making him about 109 or so!) and was posted to Jamaica (much like Ian Fleming!)


The same person!. The actor changes, yes, but 007 has been going on for YEEEEAAARRRSSS, of course the actors were going to change!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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