Help! What is the title name of this old horror movie? ?!

Question: Help! What is the title name of this old horror movie!? !?
I can only remember bits and pieces of the movie!. this weird ugly looking creature man thing scalps an unconscious woman (as in, she's unconscious in the bath room and he cuts her scalp off and it's all bloody and all) and towards the end, the heroine is stuck in some bookshop or library sorta place with lots of books and this same ugly creature man-thing is going to kill her and this book (like a comic book i think) opens up and some other weird creature gets summoned out from the book!. This 1st killer creature is scared of this new creature becoz in the comic book, the new creature is his enemy and it's very strong and would kill him (or something like that) and both would square off!. The new creature monster kills off this baddie but eventually it would get killed as well becoz some pane of glass would cut it in half!.
I know it's a big mess but plz help out, i've been trying and trying to find this movie!. Could it be some short movie from tales from the crypt or something!? I dunno!. Plz help!.

!.!.!.I might be shooting from the hip on this one, but based upon your very detailed description, I suspect that you might be thinking of the gruesome 1989 horror chiller, called "I, Madman"!.!.!.!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Are you talking about "Creep Show"
There's like 3 of them!. 1, 2 & 3 I think!.!.!.here you go


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