The Strangers movie... I have some questions about it...?!

Question: The Strangers movie!.!.!. I have some questions about it!.!.!.!?

So I watched The Strangers yesterday NIGHT (which was the worst time ever to watch it!!!)

I found it to be very, very, very!.!.!. Bizarre!.

I mean really, there was hardly any talking, just screaming, and 'help me's, and yelling!.

But they were just random people wearing random masks that randomly showed up and killed random people that they didn't even know, and then randomly "repented"!? All of that makes no sense to me at all!

I mean I know it's a MOVIE, but still!.!.!.

Ok here are my questions!.!.!.!.::::::::!.!.!.!.!.

1!. Where does the 911 tape fit, and who was it on the phone with 911!?

2!. Did they live!?

3!. What happened to the little boys!?

4!. Were the strangers related (as in father, mother, daughter)!?

5!. If the answer to #4 is yes, then who was who!?

6!. Was the whole "Is Tamara home!?" thing a set-up!?

7!. What was with the random Hello hello hello hello hello thing written on the window!?

***The kind that I rented has the Extended Ending thing!.!.!. Do I need to watch it too!? I only watched the Theatrical Version!.

Thank You!!!!!!

1) the 911 tape is from those 2 little christian boys that FOUND them when they rode up on their bikes

2) in the extrended scenes, looks as though the girl did live, but judging the the 911 tapes, sounded like they both didnt!.!. that part of the movie really doesn't matter

3) nothing happened to the little boys, again, that is insignificant!.the movie was just made to show you how one night can go terribly wrong and the events that took place, it's just a thriller

4) nooo, again thats the significance of the movie --- it was random, we dont know who these people are - it adds to the suspense and makes you go "wow, that's freaky!.!." or as you say, BIZARRE! ahah which is very true


6) Yes, I am assuming it was a set up

7) they are crazy!.!. and it was creepy -- was it not!?

there is no 8 but yes watch the extended its the same, but the girl is alive and screams and grabs the boy

9) they are CRAZY

10) based on true events, I looked this up!.!.!. it just means that SIMILAR events took place, which means something as simple as someones house being broken in to!.!. someone being kiled!.!.!. they took all those things that really happened, made a movie off of it, and said its based on true events!.!.

THINK texas chainsaw massacre - based on true events!.!. its based on Ed Gein!.!. !.!.!. nothing like the movie!. nothing!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

that film really suxWww@Enter-QA@Com

1!.the 911 tape was the 2 boys who had found them at the end
2!.the guy died, so did his friend!.!.!.but the girl may have lived!.
3!.the little boys called the police
4!.you cant tell if they were related , but didnt the 2 girls have different colour hair!?!.!.so maybe not
6!.yeah a set up!.!.!.prob also to make sure they were still awake and ready to be terrorised
7!.again to freak them out
9!. yes they were psychos, thats why the whole murder was drawn out, they wanted to 'play' with them first before killing them

10!.based on true events means very very loosely based on true events!. I think they just say that to make it scary cos if you look up the actual crime its supposed to have been based on, its nothing like it!. (i think it tells you at the start the names of the people its based on, google it and you will see the crimes arent alike)Www@Enter-QA@Com

The 911 tape was one of the kids in the end that was giving away religious pamphlets that went to the house to try and give pamphlets away and walked in and saw all that stuff and then she jumped and blah blah blah!.

They both died

The little boys are fine they called 911 and are just traumatized form seeing all that stuff!.

I think they were just a group of f'd up people!. no relation!.

Yeah they just wanted to get the ball rolling for their night od death and mayhem by scaring liv tyler and the boyfriend first so they did that on purpose!.

to scare them!.

your not missing much in the enxtended verison juts mroe screaming!.

Look up keddie murders on google and you'll see where the inspiration for the movie came from!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

4!. The stangers were all the same age!. You could tell they were all in their 20's

7!. That was to creep them out, they were all saying hello

6!. They asked that so that one of them would answer the door and think that they were lost!. The next time they did it it was to start to make them panic!.

3!. Apparently the little boys lived or else we wouldnt have any way of knowing that it all happend cuz they prolly wouldnt have found them!.

4!. I also think the one lived or lived long enough to tell her story or else they couldnt do a movie on it cuz it wouldnt be factual at all!. But then again thats their excuse to use the term "Based" on true events!. that bacically gives them permission to fill in the blanks as they wish without getting yelled at about everything being perfectly factual!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

1!. The opening scene is actually the end!.!.!.after the boys on bikes give those flyers to the "killers" they then go into the house, find the destruction and call 911!.

2!. Not sure but Liv Tyler screams so she's still alive as of the end of the film!. It's fictional, so there's no way of knowing other than your imagination!.

3!. Found the bodies, called it in!.!.!.probably are scarred for life but other than that!.!.!.

4!. No way of knowing this either!. Adds to the randomness!. Probably all friends!.

5!. n/a

6!. Yes!.!.!.it added to the scaryness plus established exactly who was in the house so the killers knew who they were dealing with!.

7!. Just a scare tactic!.

9!. Yes, that's what that mean!.!.!.they were just that screwed up!.

10!. The director based this on stories he read about and also loosely on the Manson murders but it was NOT a true story!.!.!.just INSPIRED by that kind of thing!. also, someone stopped by his house when he was a kid and that freaked him out so that's why he added the "is tamara home!?" stuff in!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

10!. According to production notes, the film was inspired by an event from director Bryan Bertino's childhood: a stranger came to his home asking for someone who was not there, and Bertino later found out that empty homes in the neighborhood had been broken into that night!. In interviews, Bertino stated he was "very impressed" with some of the theories circulating on the Internet about the "true events" the movie is allegedly based on, but said his main inspiration was Helter Skelter, a true crime book about the 1969 Manson family murders!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

This movie is great if you don't ask all the questions!. It's more terrifying to not have all of the explainations!. Just imagine that someone wearing a mask is in your house!. You don't know who he is or what he wants!. Are the Nightmare on Elm Street movies scarier because you know who Freddy is and what he wants!.

It's not a murder mystery it's a scary movie!. If you need to know who and why then watch an old Sherlock Holmes flick!. I hate people who dog on Cloverfield because they don't know where the monster came from!. They miss the whole point of the movie!. Put yourself in the shoes of the characters and enjoy the show!. That's all you have to do!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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