What are some creative horror movie deaths?!

Question: What are some creative horror movie deaths!?
I'm looking for stuff like in Jason X, when Jason freezes the student's face in liquid nitrogen, and then smashes it on a table!. Do you have any ideas!? Thanks!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

The Abominable Dr!. Phibes and Dr!. Phibes Rises Again have the best freaky deaths

In The Abominable Dr!. Phibes, the bad guy was duplicating the ten plagues of Egypt on ten different doctors:
A man wears a frog mask that gradually tightens on his head til it crushes his skull and/or suffocates him
A woman is covered in green plant liquid and a swarm of locusts devour her!.
A man is gradually bleed to death while he watches!.
A man is speared by a flying unicorn statute

Dr!. Phibes Rises Again:
Two stones are put at a man's foot and head and are gradually squeezed together!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

i have loads if you bother reading


A man has to cut his eye open with a scalpel to get a key in which will open the trap that is constructed on his face!. This is called the Jaw trap, when the timer finishes the trap closes and spikes drive into his face!.

Next a man is chained to a table, his neck and legs are strapped to the table with an iron chain!. He has to shove his hands into a contraption that will crush his hands, in order to free the chains from his neck and legs he must crush his fingers while the pendulum that is flying down!. He dies when his fingers are demolished and crushed while the pendulum cuts his stomach spewing his intestines and guts and finally his body is cut in half!.

Two people have to shove their hands into a coffin type contraption which has a buzz saw spinning at high speed in which they have to fill a beaker up with 10pints of blood!. The saw enter halfway through their hands and the blood is splurted everywhere!. One dies due to shock and the ammount of blood loss!.

The worst i have seen is a man is attached to a large mechanism!. His hands, legs and head is attached to a mechanism that turns 360 degrees!. In order to be saved the other man inside has to grab a key in which is attached to the trigger of a shotgun!. During this the man on the contraption has his legs turned 360 degrees slowly, bones pop out of his legs and arms, and finally his head is turned around!. During this the man who aquired the key miss the bullet and the bullets hit another guy in the room!.

Next worst one is a man is standing in a classroom but has rings attached to chains on the wall inbedded inside the most sensitive parts of the body, one is on his achilles!!! jaw, shoulder, side of the body, knuckles!. He has 60secs to pull the bonds of the chains before a nail bomb explodes!. He pulls every chain except for the jaw and then is blown up!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

The Final Destination movies have some of the most imaginative death scenes!. There's a kid who gets smashed by a huge pane of glass!. A chick gets a stick of PVC pipe driven through her chest by an air bag!. Just too many too list!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Puppet masters the girl puppet uses leeches to roam through the man skull!.sucking him dry!


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